Welcome to the Corvallis Living Guide Program!

By reading the Corvallis Living Guide, you will be better informed about your tenant rights, responsibilities, and resources. After reading through the guide, take the Corvallis Living Guide quiz. Upon passing the quiz with an 80% or higher, you will receive a Preferred Renter Certificate which makes you eligible to save $50 off your rental security deposit with participating properties. The certificate will be sent your OSU email in a pdf format that you will then show to the participating housing provider. If you have recently taken the Corvallis Living Guide quiz and have not received your certificate, contact us at ccr@oregonstate.edu


Corvallis Living Guide Outcomes

  • Improve relationship between students and long-term residents
  • Improve neighborhood livability
  • Create a more habitable and united Corvallis
  • Understand the health implications of positive community relationships
  • Become familiar with city ordinances and how they affect neighborhood livability
  • Become familiar with rental rights, responsibilities and resources
  • Identify strategies for safely and responsibly hosting parties
  • Encourage student citizenship and community engagement