As the Fraternity and Sorority community is alive and well at OSU, the many types of organizations continue to thrive. As the interest-based groups on campus grow, they search to find a community where they can strengthen their connectedness, and find central representation in the Fraternity and Sorority Community. It was at this time that Delta Lambda Phi, Chi Theta Phi, Sigma Delta Omega, and Phi Sigma Rho identified their common social and academic interests and came together to form the Collective Greek Council (CGC).

As this is the first year with new CGC Executive board, they are excited for the upcoming year and all the opportunities for growth that they have. “Our goals as a council is gain traction with the other councils and be known more than just academic and socially focused chapters. One of our biggest goals is to really gain a lot of support and connections with the other councils and chapters” says the CGC President, Angela Nguyen. “We are still figuring things out as exec members but we hope to learn so much more on the job!” Angela wrote in an email. The year has many possibilities in store for the new council, just a few of those founding decisions being the establishment of CGC’s colors and mascot. We look forward to seeing all the exciting things they will do in the future!