When you come to the HSRC Food Pantry, you'll have the opportunity to leave with enough food to feed yourself and anyone else in your household for a full week. This means you'll be able to get a selection of vegetables (fresh, frozen and canned), fruits (fresh, frozen and canned), proteins, dairy, grains and other items. We're limited to what we have in stock, of course, but we do our best to make sure we have fresh produce, some non-food items (like cleaning supplies) and a rotating selection of fun surprises.

If you have re-usable bags, please try to remember to bring them so we can focus our limited funds on buying food instead of grocery bags. If you don't have re-usable bags, don't worry. We have a mix of re-usable and paper bags we'll give you. 

Eligibility Guidelines
Shopping Schedule
Visiting the Food Pantry
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Food Boxes
Volunteering Opportunities
Food Drives and other Donation Opportunities
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Since 2009, the HSRC Food Pantry has been helping feed our community

Our pantry started as a graduate project by Dr. Sarah E. Cunningham and Dana M. Johnson to help connect students with needed resources- on campus where they already spend most of their time. Through our partnership with the Linn-Benton Food Share, we have 3-4 shopping style events per month where clients can come and select the food they'd like to bring home. On any day that we don't have a shopping-style pantry, clients can come to get an emergency food box. 

The HSRC Food Pantry is located at 1030 SW Madison Ave, in the building currently named Avery (this building will be re-named in the near future). Street parking is available on Madison Avenue, 11th street, and other neighboring city streets. The parking lot immediately east of Avery also has parking available though most spaces have various restrictions until 4:30 or 5 pm. The staff at the front desk will help clients sign in and start the process of getting food from there. 

Any person who meets income qualifications can seek support from the HSRC Food Pantry as often as needed.