Over 125 OSU students were homeless at some point last year. 

Sometimes students in housing crisis live in their vehicles, some live in tents and others stay in homeless shelters. The HSRC has resources to help students figure out a more stable solution, including our Emergency Housing Program. This resource places students in empty residence hall rooms or in local hotels for a few days, or sometimes up to a few weeks.

To learn more about this resource, students need to visit the HSRC and do an intake with either a graduate staff member or a professional staff. Email hsrc@oregonstate.ed or call 737-3747 to set up an appointment as soon as possible. This resource is limited and sometimes has a waitlist; do not procrastinate seeking support from the HSRC if you are facing imminent homelessness. 

This resources is only available for student-fee-paying students. E-campus students or those at the Bend campus should connect with the Dean of Students for support and resources.