The HSRC Food Pantry is available to food insecure students, staff, and community members. The only eligibility requirement is that individuals and/or families meet income requirements. You are eligible of you (or your family) has an income less than or equal to - 

Household size:
Monthly Income:
Yearly Income:
1 person $1,860 $22,311
2 people $2,504 $30,044
3 people $3,149 $37,777
4 people $3,793 $45,510
Monthly income goes up $645 for each additional person

If you already receive any other form of assistance (SNAP, TANF, SSI, etc) you are eligible to receive food from the pantry as needed per month. The HSRC Food Pantry is an equal opportunity provider. You do not need to be an OSU staff or student to get food from our pantry.