HSRC manual

Check out our HSRC Resource Manual which includes information on where to find Emergency Food/Soup Kitchens, Childcare Resources, Thrift Stores, Medical/Dental Resources, Household Items, Clothing, Furniture, and other resources.

Food Stamps Online Application

The food stamp application is now available online. Please follow the link to fill out the application. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email. You can also refer directly to the food stamp website at http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/assistance/Pages/foodstamps/snap-info.aspx.

Fill out an application online.

Graduate Student Conference Subsidy

The Graduate Conference Registration Subsidy is made available by HSRC to help graduate students pay their registration fees for educational and professional conferences, up to a total amount of $150. Each student can only apply for the subsidy once during a fiscal year.

Applications must be for conferences that occurred within the current fiscal year, and must be submitted within 30 days of the conference.

Applications and Personal Reimbursement request  are available in the HSRC office (in Avery Lodge). For more information, call 541-737-3747.

Benton County 211

211info provides access to thousands of nonprofit organizations, government entities and faith-based institutions? 211info is a nonprofit organization that directs you to Oregon and Southwest Washington resources.

Click here to visit their website.

Money Saving Resources

Here is another list of resources that can help you save money. We have textbook resources, scholarship information, coupons/daily deals, and resources for affordable housing near campus: Word Document.

Another resource is "The Ultimate Frugal Resource Guide", which has many coupons and a wide variety of deals.

Weekly Soup Kitchen Schedule

You can find a list of soup kitchens in the area by clicking here. If you have questions or need more information, try the HSRC Resource Manual above, or email hsrc@oregonstate.edu

Food Assistance

Why do some of the questions repeat?

We tried to eliminate duplicative questions as best we could - but sometimes we had to repeat questions so the form would work correctly. Some of the questions that are similar but just a little different are also asked for various data and reporting purposes. We’re hoping that the multiple choice options help you breeze through the questions reasonably fast.

Why do I have to apply each term?

Great question - and one we’re considering too! For now, we want you to apply each term because we know that people’s financial situations can change. We might change the application timeline in the future. We’ll study the data as time passes to see if offering the application each term is really needed.

Why are there so many personal questions on the Food Assistance Application?

First - we know that asking students to report dollar amounts of tuition costs or paychecks or other financial numbers is confusing, also personal, and difficult to really compare. Numbers will never really help us understand the reality of food insecure students and how challenging it can be to afford to go to college.

Some of the questions are from nationally recognized surveys. We’ll be able to use the ways that you and your classmates answer these questions to compare the experiences of OSU students with other communities and national metrics.

We use some of the answers to some questions to send you emails that might help. For example, if we think you might qualify for SNAP (food stamps), we’ll send you an email encouraging you to apply with directions and resources to do so. The personal questions will help us help you in many different ways. You can learn more about our data philosophy here.

When does my food assistance funds expire?

If you got Mealbux and you are a student who will still be enrolled the following year, then your funds will roll over. If you are graduating, you will have a 2-3 month grace period over the summer to use your funds until your account is erased from the OSU database. For specific dates on when your account will be removed, you can contact the ID center personally. If you have food assistance from the Full Plate Fund, you should use your funds by the end of the Spring term.

When does food assistance get distributed?

We aim to distribute food assistance funds by the Monday of week 4 of the term in which the student has applied. Sometimes our partner staff is out of the office or there are administrative barriers that might make things take longer. Keep an eye on your email; we’ll update you if our timeline changes.

What other resources can help me keep to my limited food budget?

Here’s a few that we think you might find especially helpful:

  • HSRC Food Pantry is in Avery Lodge. We have shopping style distributions a few times a month. If it’s not a distribution day, people can come to in when we’re open to get an emergency food box. Income restrictions apply.

  • Other community food pantries and meal sites can be found on this PDF.

  • @EatfreeOSU - Find us on Twitter, see all the free food events and activities going on around campus for students.

  • Growing Food Security - great free cooking classes (often at the HSRC in Avery!), garden parties and other food-security related events and projects

  • Food Hero - low-cost, delicious recipes and resources for cooking on a budget

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, sometimes referred to as Food Stamps) - you can apply online. You can use your SNAP funds to buy food on campus at Cascadia Market.   

  • Double Up Food Bucks - double your SNAP dollars ($10 each visit) at the Corvallis, Albany and Lebanon Farmer’s Markets.

  • Makes Cents meals in the UHDS dining centers only cost $4 and they’re nutritionally balanced

  • Organic Grower’s Club - Work parties, with a hot meal every Thursday evening during the season.

  • Mid-Valley Harvest - If you volunteer to pick fruits and vegetables for the local food bank, you can keep up to half of what you pick to take home for your family.

  • Leanne Brown has a great cookbook featuring $4 a day recipes - and the PDF version is free. The HSRC also has many physical copies of this cookbook available to check out for the entire term. 

What is the Full Plate Fund? Where can I spend these funds?

The Full Plate Fund is a food assistance program for OSU students who have a dining plan. Students can use these funds at UHDS dining facilities and the campus grocery store, Cascadia Market - just like their regular dining plan. Unfortunately, students cannot use the Full Plate funds to purchase meals at the MU or other facilities that aren’t part of UHDS.

What is Mealbux? Where can I spend those funds?

Mealbux is a food assistance program for OSU students that can be used at any of the restaurants/cafes on campus. Mealbux is awarded to students who are struggling to have enough money to afford healthy and filling food regularly on their limited budget. You can use Mealbux at any location that accepts Orange Cash. If you spend your Mealbux at on-campus locations (other than the coffeeshop in the parking garage), you can save 10% off the cost of your meal.

What information from my application is shared and with whom?

Select HSRC staff members can view your data to process your application and to connect you to helpful resources. Some of your data is shared with other OSU offices for verification purposes (Financial Aid, for example) but only on an as-needed basis. You can read more about how we share your data on this page about our philosophy about student data

What do you do with all the information collected on this form?

We use the application on this form to help you. We know that being a college student is expensive, challenging and stressful. We use this form to help connect you to resources that might help you make your budget stretch further. We also use the information in this form to let administrators know how increases in tuition and fees are creating real and difficult challenges for students. You can read more about our philosophy of using student data here.