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Note: You may only apply for Mealbux during the first week of each term. Mealbux is due on the first Friday of each term (Week 1) by 5:00 pm in Snell 233

Students shouldn’t have to choose between textbooks and food. The HSRC MealBux program offers students a way to pay for a few meals each week while on campus. After you submit an application and you’re approved, the money is deposited onto your student ID card and can be spent at any campus food vendor location.

Within the application, there are more detailed explanations on the required documentation to apply. Please follow the document to get a clear understanding of what is needed.

Fill out an application online! (Available the week before each term)

You will need a few things for a successful application:

  1. Completed Application, found here. (Available the week before each term)
  2. Print out your Account Summary by term.
    1. Log in to your Online Services
    2. Click on Student Records. (if using MyOSU, go to "Students" tab and click on "My Student Records")
    3. Click on Account Summary by Term.
    4. Print this! (First two pages)
  3. Print out your paystub. (only if you are working CURRENTLY) 
    1. If you are a student employee on OSU campus and have direct deposit.
    2. Log in to your Online Services.
    3. Click on the Employee tab on top.
    4. Click on Pay Information.
    5. Click on Earning Statement.
    6. Select 2015 for the year and click Display.
    7. Click on the most recent date (last month's paycheck).
    8. Print this! (Whole page)
  4. If you are putting an amount other than 0 in boxes 8a-8d, you need to provide documentation. This documentation is explained on page 1 of the Mealbux application found here (Available the week before each term), and please print these out and bring with you to HSRC.
  5. Fill out the MealBux Application: Excel or PDF.



Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for guidance.