Eligible students have priority access -- or first dibs -- to our Textbook Lending Program during the first week of Fall, Winter and Spring terms (week 0 and week 1 during Fall term). After that, this resource is open to the entire student body. No Priority Access documentation is needed after Week One.

The HSRC is committed to helping low-income students succeed at OSU. Priority access for the Textbook Lending Program helps us ensure that those most in need of this service will benefit most from it –- so they can get books they might not be able to afford without foregoing basic necessities like food. After the Priority Access period, we open up the Lending library to all students, who are then able to check out all remaining books.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who participate in or who are eligible to participate in one or more of these programs receive Priority Access to the Textbook Lending Program during Week One:

  • Pell Grant eligible students
  • EOP/SSS/CAMP/TRIO students
  • First generation college students
  • Former Foster youth
  • Veterans/Active Military
  • Student parents receiving FRC Child Care Assistance
  • SNAP recipients

If you are not in these programs but believe you should be eligible due to financial challenges, email us at hsrc@oregonstate.edu 
​​​*After the Priority Access period (week one), ALL students are eligible and welcome to use the Textbook Lending Program! 

Documentation Requirements 

General Requirements for ALL Students:
  • OSU ID 
  • Printed or digital copy of OSU course schedule
  • Printed or digital copy of your textbook list from the OSU Bookstore's website or the course syllabus
Proof of Eligibility to receive Priority Access (you just need one!): 
  • ID Card (military ID, Oregon Trail card, CAMP badge, etc) OR
  • An email from the program/your advisor OR 
  • Virtual/physical copy of program participation document on official letterhead OR
  • Course Enrollment documents or student account statements from myOSU (that show your Pell grant, for example).