What is the HSRC???

Our Mission

We provide direct service, outreach, education, and referral services to OSU students to help alleviate the effects of hunger, housing problems, and poverty. Our aim is to meet basic human needs so that students can pursue a quality education. We also work to create a dynamic learning environment in which students, faculty, and the community can learn how to best address the current pressing challenges facing college students. 


Here's How the HSRC Helps Students:

  • We provide intermediary services between students and agencies that offer rental assistance, food stamps, food boxes, and health insurance.
  • Our Food Pantry offers emergency food to students in need.
  • Our Textbook Lending Program helps connect eligible students to free textbooks (as well as other affordable ways for everyone to obtain textbooks).
  • We offer workshops, seminars, and opportunities for internships and employment.
  • We can connect you to Service-Learning and community service opportunities.
  • We can offer eligible students financial assistance to maintain health insurance through the university.
  • We help with applications for food stamps.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by our office, located in 233 Snell Hall, call us at (541) 737-3747, or email us at hsrc@oregonstate.edu.

Our office is open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm.

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for guidance on Mealbux and Health Insurance Subsidy applications.

Mealbux Application: Excel or PDF.

Student Health Insurance Subsidy (SHIS) Application: Excel or PDF.