Students should never have to choose between buying textbooks and basic necessities like food or medicine. The Textbook Lending Program allows eligible students the opportunity to check out required textbooks at no cost for the entire academic term!

The Textbook Lending Program starts the first week of class (not zero week), and operates on a first come, first serve basis. All textbooks must be returned prior to the end of the term. 


Textbook Lending Program Timeline:

Week 1: Priority Access 

Week 2: Open to ALL students

Week 11: Textbooks are due BY Friday of Finals week

*Note: Failure to return textbooks will result in being banned from participating in this program in subsequent terms.



Does the HSRC Textbook Lending Library have the textbook you need? 

To ensure that HSRC has the textbook needed for a course, check online:

  • Go to

  • Log in using your ONID through MY ACCOUNT

  • Click on the Course Reserves tab

  • Enter the title of textbook and click Search

  • In the drop-down menu that says “OSU Course Reserves”, select “HSRC Textbook Lending Library”

  • If you see a green dot and the word “Available”, you can go to HSRC and rent the textbook

Note: The Textbook Lending Program is not able to hold or reserve a textbook because the program operates on a first come, first serve basis. 


The HSRC has the book I need. What do I do now?

Visit the HSRC to access the Textbook Lending Library and have these required items ready: 

  • ALL students (including priority access students)

    • Your OSU ID

    • Printed or digital copy of your OSU course schedule

    • Printed or digital copy of your textbook list from the OSU Bookstore’s website or your course syllabus

  • Priority Access documentation (only if applicable, during week one). 

Students must already be registered for the class that requires each textbook, and may obtain the required books for only one class per day. (One class, not one textbook: if ART101 requires 1 book, the student gets 1 book that day; if POL405 requires 5 books, the student gets 5 books that day, assuming all of your required books are available.)


The HSRC does NOT have the textbook I need. What do I do now?

If the HSRC does not have your textbook, you can also visit our "Finding Affordable Textbooks" page to explore other options.