2013 Key Initiatives

  • The ASOSU Office of Advocacy successfully implemented a client questionnaire using Survey Monkey as a tool for gathering feedback from student clients about our services.
  • Created a presentation on Academic Dishonesty and presented to OSU INTO Students at the INTO American Survival Week.
  • Participated in the Beaver Fair at the MU Quad and Fall Enrichment day, both of these events were in collaboration with ASOSU Student Legal Services: Access the Law.
  • Updated the student Intern Manual, which has served as a resource for new interns. It was edited in great detail and now contains updated information on office procedures.
  • Updated the intern guidebook, "Navigating through OSU Policies: An Intern's Guide" after three years. This guidebook contains information on OSU policies, important campus contacts, and tips for the interns related to the areas of assistance. The information is compiled by interns through online research.
What Worked
  • Welcomed the first PROMISE intern to work at the ASOSU Office of Advocacy; summer 2012.
  • The ASOSU Office of Advocacy became involved with the planning of the future office space in the Student Experience Center.
  • The office welcomed two new student hires, adding to the diversity of the student interns.
  • Updated the intake form, with the help of Rebecca Sanderson, to improve the quality of our data on students who seek help with the Office of Advocacy.
Areas That Need Improvement
  • The effectiveness of how the office collects feedback from student clients.
  • Reaching out to more areas on campus and sharing our mission and vision.

These numbers track individual clients only. Multiple meetings with these clients are not recorded in the statistics for 2012-2013. Next year individual meetings will be tracked and included in the annual report.

Addressing students at various functions and presentations is also not recorded in the statistics. Since exact numbers of students are not known, we do not include these in our statistics.

Student Numbers

Students Number Percentage
Male 83 43%
Female 89 46%
Trans 1 1%
Other 0 0%
Not Specified 20 10%
Total Responses 193
Class Standing Number of Responses Percentage
Freshman 10 5%
Sophomore 27 15%
Junior 39 22%
Senior 58 32%
Post-Baccalaureate 1 1%
Graduate 16 9%
Not Specified 29 16%
Total Responses 180
Areas of Assistance Number of Requests
Academic Advising 35
Academic Dishonesty 35
ASOSU Advising 29
Campus OSP/Public Safety 0
Class Interview 4
Discrimination 4
Faculty Misconduct 9
Financial Aid 6
Grade Appeal 27
Internship Opportunity 0
Parking 0
Residency 19
Student Conduct 15
Student Health Insurance 1
Tuition, Fees and Business 2
Other 9
Total Responses 203
Race & Ethnicity Number of Responses
American Indian/Alaskan Native 2
Asian, Asian American 53
Black, African American 1
East Indian 1
Hispanic, Hispanic American, Latino 7
Middle Eastern 20
Multiple Ethnicities 8
North African 2
White, Euro American 61
Other, None of the Above 1
Declined to Respond 15
Total Responses 171
Colleges Number of Responses
Agricultural Sciences 5
Business 15
Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences 1
Education 2
Engineering 44
Forestry 1
Graduate School 15
Liberal Arts 34
Pharmacy 0
Public Health & human Sciences 13
Science 15
University Honors College 0
Veterinary Medicine 0
University Exploratory Studies 1
International Programs 1
Unknown 15
Total Responses 178
INTO Affiliation INTO Program Number of Responses
INTO OSU Academic English 1
General English 1
Conditional Admission Program 1
INTO Pathways
Undergraduate Business 1
Science 0
General 2
Engineering 3
Graduate Master of Business Administration 0
Master of Engineering 0
Total Responses 11

OSU Student - I needed her refreshing guidance and support to reinforce my rights to address the issue and take action.

OSU Student - I would not have reached my goal without Ms. Lacy. She saved my dream and thus my family's wellbeing.