Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) works toward developing and sustaining a healthy OSU campus. We support, coordinate and inspire health and wellness for individuals and the community. We convene, facilitate, educate and influence departments and student groups on campus to produce behavioral, as well as systemic change.  Through building and maintaining relationships, we advocate for policy change, bolster environmental supports, enhance activities that empower people to make healthier choices.

Healthy Campus is the overarching department that brings us together to support campus well-being. A Healthy Campus contributes to academic success, professional satisfaction and improved health behaviors benefitting individuals and the community.  The Healthy Campus Department builds and maintains a network of partners dedicated to health and wellness.  Through the unification of campus partners, we advocate for policy change, bolster environmental supports, enhance activities that empower individual change, and facilitate common messages to focus attention on health and wellness.

HCI’s Be Well Initiative:

The communication message for HCI is “Be Well. Be Orange”.  Campus wide planning and focus is on strategies to improve health behaviors, specifically those influencing the leading causes of preventable death according to national guidelines. The four focus areas are:  healthy eating, physical activity, smokefree OSU, and stress management.

Student Support Services focus on student needs identified as potential barriers to achieving academic success. In particular, Childcare and Family Resources and the Human Services Resource Center are student fee funded departments addressing needs of student parents and students struggling with issues related to poverty (food and shelter). Spiritual Life @ OSU is a partnership with campus and community leaders to support spiritual development of students.

Prevention and Response Teams are identified partners in the work of a Healthy Campus. These Teams function independently in their target areas to prevent harm, increase education and develop systems for effective response for the campus community.

HCI Focus Areas Student Support Services   Prevention and Response Teams

Physical Activity

Healthy Eating

Stress Management

Smoke Free OSU

Childcare & Family Resources

Human Services Resource Center (HSRC)

Community Care Team (CCT)

Spiritual Life @ OSU

Infectious Disease Response Team (IDRT)

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Alliance (SARPA)

Veterans Task Force

*Alcohol Workgroup (AWG)

*Suicide Prevention Group

* = not currently meeting