Our Mission

The Human Services Resource Center provides direct service, outreach, education, and referral services to Oregon State University students focused on alleviating the effects of hunger, poverty, and other human needs. HSRC creates a dynamic learning environment in which students, faculty, staff, and the community can learn how to meet the current societal challenges facing college students. 


OSU Students will have the ability to pursue higher education without the hindrance of hunger, poverty, and other related human needs. 

  • All OSU students have the right to respect, dignity, and compassion. 
  • All OSU students should have access to resources that meet human needs, and access to resources beyond the classroom that will help students focus their participation in the educational experience. 
  • Engaging students in leadership, professional development and practicum opportunities produce a higher caliber graduate ready to meet the multifaceted challenges facing society. 

HSRC's learning outcomes for students working in the office are:

  • Gain professional and administrative skills through immersion in a functional office environment. 
  • Develop a sense of understanding of poverty as a cross-cutting diversity issue with its own unique set of student experiences, culture, and outcomes. 
  • Increase critical thinking and problem-solving skills through individual and team responsibilities. 
  • Practice multiple forms of communication through presenting, writing, networking, and providing peer-to-peer assistance.

Staff working in HSRC gain real-world experience through participation in a functional office setting. Each staff member does a self-assessment prior to the start of work, including a goal-setting activity that is share with the team and HSRC Coordinator. Throughout the year the goals are re-assessed and evaluated. HSRC staff participate in in-service trainings focused on but not limited to, communication skills, multicultural competency, career evaluation and goals, human services, and supporting others in crisis. 

Education and Outreach
  • HSRC partnered with the Center for Civic Engagement to put on the "Faces of Homelessness" event for Homelessness Awareness Month.
  • The Outreach Team gave presentations to: Student Health Advisory Board, Financial Aid, Counseling and Psychological Services, Women's Center Staff, and the Interfaith Community Service Program.
  • The HSRC Coordinator, Clare Cady, served as keynote speaker at the Leadership Corvallis Human Services Day.
  • The HSRC Coordinator, Clare Cady, presented on "Serving College Students in Poverty" at the NASPA National Conference, the C.A.R.E. Diversity Summit, and the Anthropology Department Tan Sack Lunch Series.
  • The External Coordinator, Tim Daniel, facilitated a discussion on faith-based approaches to alleviating poverty at the IFCS "Service Meets Spirit" Conference in April.
  • HSRC Outreach Staff tabled at START, CONNECT, the BeWell 5k Run, and National Nutrition Awareness Week.
Community and Diversity
  • HSRC participated in the creation of, and was included in, the Benton County 2.1.1. service launch.
  • HSRC partnered with UHDS working on getting food stamps accepted at Cascade Market.
  • HSRC forged new partnerships with the Childcare and Family Resources Center, and Veterans' Affairs to develop plans for a new building and combine forces and resources to better meet underserved student populations with overlapping needs.
  • HSRC partnered with the Student Leadership and Involvement office to draft and approve a MOU for the use of the cultural kitchen.
  • HSRC partnered with University Housing and Dining Services to complete a MOU outlining the policies and procedures regarding Emergency Housing.
  • HSRC continued its partnership with the Department of Human Services to update a MOU allowing HSRC to distribute SNAP applications on campus. This partnership was expanded to include office hours at HSRC held by DHS staff during Mealbux week. 
  • HSRC staff worked on a series of trainings and facilitations focused on educating the campus about poverty, students in poverty, and ways in which these students can be better served and supported.
  • The Food Pantry was featured in the USA Today's article "Campus food banks help students through hard times," which ran February 26, 2012. 
  • HSRC Coordinator, Clare Cady, had an article accepted to the Journal of College and Character entitled "Discussing Poverty as a Student Issue: Making a Case for College Student Services," which will be published in August 2012. 
  • The entire HSRC staff put on the "Peanut Butter and Jelly Blowout," giving out over 800 sandwiches in 2 days to promote HSRC and the Food Pantry. This was done along with the BeWell Healthy Eating Initiatives, who purchased bananas to hand out as well.
  • Outreach and Food Pantry Staff put on the "Food Pantry Cooking Lesson," which offered the tutelage of chefs from Gathering Together Farms. This event was filmed by KBVR and was broadcast to campus.
  • Receipt of a $10,000 grant from the OSU Women's Giving Circle to help establish a floor on the Mealbux Program.