Our Mission

In alignment with the Oregon State University Mission, New Student Programs & Family Outreach serves as a campus leader in facilitating the transition process for new students and their parent/family members. We promote and enhance successful transitions through collaborative programs and outreach. 

  • Support student growth and development throughout their first year at OSU.
  • Provide new students and their families with informative and engaging orientation programs.
  • Support specific transitional resources for unique student populations (e.g. Veterans, international students, Degree Partnership Program students, transfer students, multicultural students, non-traditional students, first-generation students).
  • Familiarize students with the campus and community.
  • Develop supportive partnerships with parents and family members of new students.
  • Provide meaningful student employment and internship opportunities for current OSU students.
  • NSPFO has re-instated term orientation sessions. Our first term orientation was offered Spring 2012. 197 newly admitted students attended this term orientation where they received general education information, had access to a student resource fair, met with advisors and registered for classes. NSPFO collaborated with advising offices across campus to ensure students beginning at OSU mid-year were supported in their transition process. Participant feedback was positive. This initiative will continue in future years.
  • NSPFO implemented major programmatic changes to the START program in response to our external review process. Program changes were collaborative in nature and geared towards new START learning outcomes. The START program now begins 4 hours earlier then before, includes more intentional peer-to-peer connections, a shared general education message across all colleges, and more in-depth programming for family members of new students.
  • The support of the Vice-Provost for Student Affairs has allowed NSPFO to secure a new professional staff position, Orientation Advisor. This position will allow NSPFO to focus more on international student orientation, overall assessment, and logistics management for campus-wide orientation programming. 
  • NSPFO had a goal last year for increasing services to a variety of student populations. We offered new programming for Veteran students, student parents, non-traditional students and transfer students this year. 
  • NSPFO staff and graduate students maintain involvement in a variety of professional development activities at both a regional and national level. 
Program Highlights
  • START - START Total Attendees (who were sent surveys)
Academic Year Students Family Total
2010 - 2011 4,482 2,519 7,001
2011 - 2012 4,399 2,569 6,968
2012 - 2013 4,482 3,068 7,550
    • Percent of students that agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: The overall organization and content of START was helpful in preparing me to attend Oregon State University. 
      • 91% First Year Students
      • 89% Transfer Students

    • Percent of students that agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: I feel prepared to attend OSU in the fall.
Academic Year First Year Transfer
2011 - 2012 96% 95%
2012 - 2013 95% 95%
    • Percent of students that we met or exceed their expectations for START: How did the START program compare with your expectations?
Academic Year First Year Transfer
2011 - 2012 93% 82%
2012 - 2013 94% 81%
  • U-Engage

    U-Engage is a 2-credit course designed to help students investigate an academic area of interest. In a smaller class environment, new students explore a particular academic area of interest together. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of campus resources and explore the tips & habits of highly successful students.

    U-Engage Courses:
    • Social Justice Theater
    • Future Tech 3.0
    • Exploring Self and Community through Literature and Film
    • The Nature of Change
    • Telling Stories of the Earth
    • Seeing the Forest for the Trees
    • NCAA Football: Supporting Students or Supporting Big Business?
    • Orange & Black, Get Your Health On Track!
    • Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
    • Sports Media in the 21st Century
    • The Art of Leadership and Community Building
    • Lunar Forces, Edible Sea Vampires and other Curiosities of the Sea
    • Learning Sexuality
    • Food for the World
    • Money Matters
    • Looking Forward, Reaching Back
    • What Are You Eating?
    • Big Questions
    • How Things Work in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
    • Science Myth Busters
    • Omegas, Gluten, and High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • Truth about Altered States
    • Global Encounters
    • Cross-Cultural connections
    • What's the Key to Success?
    • One Concussion Too Many
    • Personal and Intercultural Exploration
    • Representations of Teachers in Cinema
    • Overcoming Culture Shock
    • Sport and the Art of Being
    • CHOW!