New Student Programs & Family Outreach serves as a campus leader in facilitating the transition process for new students and their parent/family members. We promote and enhance successful transitions through collaborative programs and outreach.

  • Support student growth and development throughout their first year at OSU.
  • Provide new students and their families with informative and engaging orientations and first year programming.
  • Support specific transitional resources for unique student populations (e.g. Veterans, international students, Degree Partnership Program students, transfer students, multicultural students, non-traditional students, first-generation students).
  • Familiarize students with the campus and community.
  • Develop supportive partnerships with parents and family members of new students.
  • Provide meaningful student employment and internship opportunities for current OSU students.
  • NSPFO has re-instated term orientation sessions. This past year, winter and spring term orientations were offered for students starting at OSU mid-year. 486 newly admitted students attended term orientations where they received generaly education information, campus resource information, met with advisors and registered for classes. NSPFO collaborated with advising offices across campus to ensure students beginning at OSU mid-year were supported in their transition process.
  • NSPFO collaborated closely with the International Orientation Team to produce a more consistent message and experience for incoming degree seeking undergraduate students. The Online Orientation program for International Students was a focus this year. NSPFO staff made, in partnership with academic colleges, made significant upgrades this year to the information provided via this online program.
  • During Fall 2012 a new CONNECT schedule was launched, which reduced CONNECT from 8 days to 4 days and overall received positive feedback from the OSU community about this change. As a part of this new schedule, NSPFO hosted a "New Student Scholar Symposium" that focused on success in the classroom and had 350 new incoming first year students in attendance.
  • NSPFO staff collaborated with the Center for Teaching and Learning to facilitate 2 lunch workshops and 1 2-day workshop to enhance teaching for first-year students with approximately 70 total participants across all 3 events.
  • NSPFO is home to the Parent & Family Association (PFA), with approximately 600 members. PFA members received enhanced communication through a monthly e-newsletter, a welcome letter, a wall calendar, and one mix & mingle event per year.
  • NSPFO staff and graduate students maintain involvement in a variety of professional development activities at both a regional and national level.
Program Highlights

START - OSU START is a summer orientation, advising and registration program. Programs are offered in June, July, August, and September. START gives new students an opportunity to come to campus, attend academic presentations, take placement tests, meet other new and current students, stay in the residence halls and register for fall term classes. Off-site START programs are also offered in Alaska, California and Hawaii. START Bilingüe is offered once a year and is a Spanish-speaking track for bilingual parents/families of new students.

START Total Attendance

Year Students Family Total
2011 5,036 2,880 7,916
2012 5,170 3,368 8,538
2013 5,513 3,603 9,116

Percent of students that agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: The overall organization and content of START was helpful in preparing me to attend Oregon State University.

  • 97% First Year Students (+6% from last year)
  • 92% Transfer Students (+2% from last year)

Percent of students that agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: I feel prepared to attend OSU in the fall

  • 97% First Year Students (+2% from last year)
  • 95% Transfer Students

According to student START participants, the 3 most important things they learned at START were:

START Learning Outcomes
First Year Students Advising/Registration Navigating Campus/Locations Involvement
Transfer Students Advising/Registration Navigating Campus/Locations Resources available

U-Engage is a 2-credit course designed to help students investigate an academic area of interest. In a smaller class environment, new students explore a particular academic area of interest together. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of campus resources and explore the tips & habits of highly successful students.

In Fall 2013, 34 sections of U-Engage are offered. As of the beginning of fall term, 834 students were enrolled in a U-Engage class.

Assessment from Fall 2012 shows the average Fall term GPA for U-Engage students was a 3.06-GPA compared to a 2.93 GPA for non-U-Engage students.

96.2% of U-Engage students registered as full time in Winter 2013 compared with 95% fr non-U-Engage students.

Statistic Highlights
  • 486 Students attended term orientations.
  • 70 Participants in First-Year Teaching Workshops.
  • 9,116 Attendees at START 2013.
  • I really enjoyed my time at START, and I feel prepared to start the next chapter of my life at OSU in the Fall!
  • First Year Student - It was a great program. It really got me excited to start attending OSU. I was actually scared and nervous before the START program. Everyone was so nice and willing to help me learn the campus layout and talk to me about themselves. Even the students in my degree were nice! That was something I didn't expect.
  • Transfer Student - This was invaluable for me. I have an older daughter in college out of state so this wasn't my first exposure. This was really informative, helpful, organized and well done. It wasn't stressed in the START info that my daughter reviewed that parents SHOULD attend, it was implied that they could come. Thank you very much for all your efforts. It was really beneficial. :)

Website: http://oregonstate.edu/newstudents

Email: newstudents@oregonstate.edu