The Office of the Dean of Student Life at Oregon State University does all it can to help parents and family access University resources. When requesting assistance by phone, fax, in person, or by e-mail, our response can be more effective if you provide us the correct spelling of your student's name (as it would appear on official University records), the student's identification number or birthdate, and the best phone number at which we can reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should you call the Office of the Dean of Student Life?

  • Parents may call the Dean of Student Life when they are concerned about their student and aren't sure who to call for help.
  • Families with emergency situations may consult with the staff.
  • Parents and families navigating OSU systems' orange tape may find it helpful to check in with our staff.
  • If the problem seems very complex and confusing or it might involve a lot of different offices and a parent or family member just doesn't know where to start.

What if my student has been absent from classes because of illness or a family emergency?

Your student may know the instructor's expectations via the course syllabus. If there is nothing express about attendance or missed exam or missed due dates the student should check with his/her instructors as soon as possible. Most instructors accept email communication.

In serious situations or when the student is unable to contact instructors, the student or a family member may contact the Office of the Dean of Student Life at (541) 737-8748 for assistance. The Office can provide notification of the absence to the student's instructors and college head advisor. Our notification does not excuse an absence.

Instructors will make the decision whether or not to offer reasonable compensatory experiences to ensure that the student's academic progress in the course will not be unduly compromised Whether the absence is excused or unexcused, the student is responsible for making up all work that is missed.

What if I'm worried about my student?

A parent is often the best early detection device. Express your concern to your student. If you have continuing concern feel free to contact the Office of the Dean of Student Life at (541) 737-8748.

I haven't heard from my student in a while - no contact by phone, email, or text. Can the Dean of Student Life outreach and let me know what's going on?

We are committed to the safety and well-being of our students. Each student's circumstance is unique so please call us at (541) 737-8748.

For very personal reasons, my student needs to leave the University before completing the term. How will we know if we've done everything that needs to be done?

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you; please call us at (541) 737-8748.

I worry about a crisis on campus.

Parents, students, faculty and staff have access to OSU's emergency procedures and crime alerts. Additionally, the OSU Campus Alert site keeps the OSU Community apprised of emergency situations related to campus.

Campus security works with the Office of the Dean of Student Life in high priority situations.

Is there a list of resources for students? My student can't seem to find anything.

The University webmaster has compiled an excellent page of resources for current students.

Who provides Dean's List information to local and hometown newspapers?

OSU's News and Communications Services obtains Dean's List information from the Office of the Registrar every term and submits the information to local and hometown newspapers. It may take a couple of weeks after the end of each term for the information to be processed and submitted for publication.

When are Mom's and Family Weekend, and Dad's and Family Weekend?

For information please refer to the Mom's & Family Weekend and Dad's and Family Weekend webpages or contact Memorial Union Program Council.