What is Spiritual Life at OSU?

Our Mission  

“Spiritual Life @ OSU serves our students and campus community by encouraging and cultivating spiritual exploration, discovery and development.”

What is the Spiritual Life @ OSU group about? 

A group of on and off campus advisors who seek to serve students’ spiritual development through one-on-one relationships, workshops, retreats, prayer and meditation gatherings, a monthly labyrinth walk, annual tabling events, and Spiritual Wellness Week.        

Why do we have Spiritual Life @ OSU?

HERI’s Spirituality in Higher Education Project, College Students’ Beliefs and Values Survey

    • Key Findings
      • 80% 1st year students reported interest in spirituality
      • Scored high on degree of spirituality = 90% believed campus should encourage their self-understanding
      • 50% by end of junior year rate ‘integrating spirituality into my life’ as very important or essential life goal

(Higher Education Research Institute. (n.d.b). The spiritual life of college students: A national study of college students’ search for meaning and purpose: Executive summary. Retrieved from http://spirituality.ucla.edu/docs/reports/Spiritual_Life_College_Students_Exec_Summary.pdf )

Here is How Spiritual Life @ OSU Supports All OSU Students

  • We can connect you with religious organizations on campus or in the Corvallis community.
  • In a broader sense, we seek to support you in exploring a variety of questions about faith.
  • We also support and encourage thinking about how your spiritual development (whether atheist, agnostic or Christian) aligns with your academic development. 
  • We connect with first year students to help them build a strong foundation during Connect Week and U-Engage classes
  • Collaborate with campus partners to broaden, enrich, and solidify the student’s sense of meaning and purpose.

Programs and Services:

The group (SL @ OSU) meets once a term to connect and learn about ways to further connect with students and faculty.    

Spiritual Wellness Week:

The purpose of a Spiritual Wellness Week is to create a safe and supportive environment for the OSU community to engage in elevated, collaborative, and sustainable interactions centered around our shared desire for spiritual discovery and fulfillment within a diverse and empowered community.

If you have any questions or concerns you may email DeanofStudents@oregonstate.edu