3 Tips for getting the most out of your college experience while living off campus

1. Spend some quality time on campus, get involved, and build your own campus community.

College isn’t just about academics.  You will learn and grow a lot from your experiences outside of classes as well, which will improve your college experience and better prepare you for your future career.  So spend some time on campus doing things you enjoy!  



2. Seek out resources: The campus community offers a lot to students, and almost everything is covered through the fees you already pay.  Chances are, you will never be offered so many free services in your life, so take advantage now!  There are endless opportunities, such as:


3. Get a mentor/develop close relationships with faculty, staff, and advisors:  Make it a goal to get to know (and make sure they get to know you) at least one staff member on campus every term.  Many of the people that work for (or attend) universities have a lot to offer, from information about getting into that specific career that you would like, to what’s happening at the university or where to go snowshoeing in the area, and everything in between.  Sometimes it can seem scary to put yourself out there and try to develop those relationships, but they will be worth it.  Think of it as a chance to start building your network that can connect you with jobs and other great experiences.  Read more about networking and how it can benefit you.