Message from the Dean of Students

Dear Student,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Interim Dean of Students for Beaver Nation. 

Our office serves all OSU students and is a great place to start as you wonder how to connect with campus resources and engagement opportunities. If you need support during an emergency, illness, and other life challenges, we can help to connect you to appropriate campus resources. We also strive to educate students about community standards and expectations and to provide an array of services, through Student Life offices, that assist specific student populations. Our offices often assist students' parents and families who may have concerns about your well-being or academic progress.

Another important role and purpose of the Student Life team is to assist and support you in the development and fostering of a sense of connection and community at OSU. It is our hope that by fostering an inclusive community - one that appreciates the diverse experiences of all members - you will feel supported and encouraged to have the experiences that will develop your best self.

Our website introduces the offices and programs within the Office of Student Life, provides information about important campus policies, and links to other offices on campus. I hope you find this site informative and helpful in navigating our campus. As we are here to support your academic and personal aspirations, please feel free to stop by or call our office to speak with someone about your interests or concerns. You can also reach us through email at

I look forward to working with you during your time at OSU. Go Beavs!

Melissa Morgan
Interim Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students