The staff of the Office of the Dean of Student Life is available for consultation about any of the following:

  • You received from a student an email/paper/etc. with disturbing content.
  • You have concerns about a student who has been absent from many class sessions; student is not responding to instructor's emails.
  • A student has been passing out in class.
  • A student leader is meeting all of their co-curricular commitments but an instructor is concerned about academic performance and more, the instructor says the student just doesn't seem okay.
  • A student in class is very disruptive. The student talks during lecture, makes inappropriate comments, and several students in class have said they feel uncomfortable being around this student.
  • A student seems easily angered and volatile.
  • A student is acting strangely. They are just standing there, muttering to themselves, and seem to be oblivious to what is going on around them.
  • A student has been depressed and has not attended classes regularly. The student has not contacted instructors about missed assignments.
  • A student brought his/her child to class because he/she couldn't find a care provider.
  • You think the Dean of Student Life or the Student Care Team needs to know about a student's situation.

If you have helped a student solve an issue but there's something that is telling you they may need more help, trust your feelings and let us know. If they contact us in the future for assistance, it will be good for us to know their history.