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OSU's Impact

Oregon State University has always been a place with a purpose – that of making a measurable difference in the quality of life for communities and the natural world we steward. This purpose is what draws our gifted students, motivates our faculty and staff, drives our research and teaching and carries our alumni through their accomplished careers. Today this means bringing cutting-edge technological innovation and a broad interdisciplinary framework to developing and implementing solutions for real-world problems.

True to our Oregon heritage, ours is a democratic and expansive commitment. At OSU, we are committed to solving the problems that are most critical to all Oregonians and we are working in every corner of our state.  Our commitment and contributions impact our nation and the world. And true to our Oregon heritage, we are dedicated to preserving the healthy balance between human communities and the earth we depend on.

Oregon State University has historically and currently addresses and engages in solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges with attention to partnerships and engagement with government, industry and the greater community. OSU is:

  • America’s Natural Resources University: OSU’s historic commitment to studying and conserving the natural world plays out today in instruction, research and service that is recognized as among the very best in the nation, providing guidance on issues ranging from climate change to marine reserves to forest management. 
  • Solving Global Problems: OSU is Oregon’s leading research university, recognized nationally in the top tier of U.S. institutions for the depth and breadth of its research and graduate programs. Its contributions on issues such as alternative energy development, disease prevention and management, sustainable food systems, climate change and more both push the boundaries of science and inform the work of researchers at other world-leading institutions. 
  • Leading the Green Revolution: OSU is a recognized national leader in teaching, research, service and management practices enhancing sustainability and environmental responsibility. The university’s progressive work in these areas are a major reason why Corvallis repeatedly has been named among America’s top green, sustainable and livable cities, and why others in higher education look to OSU’s authentic, holistic approach as a model for other campuses. 
  • Inventions That Serve the Public Good: Through practical innovation and problem solving, OSU researchers and alumni have created technologies that have fundamentally changed the ways we work and live. That work continues today in areas ranging from addressing major health challenges through nanotechnology to harnessing the vast energy potential of ocean waves. 
  • Living the Land Grant Mission: As Oregon’s Land Grant university, OSU mindfully pioneers ever more creative, far-reaching ways to fulfill the mission that has defined its 140-year existence: Providing educational opportunity for the residents in every corner of this state, through our undergraduate and graduate programs, Extension Service and Experiment Stations. In so doing, OSU increasingly establishes itself as one of America’s leading Land Grant institutions, capturing the spirit of Abraham Lincoln’s dream that these campuses serve as “the people’s colleges.”

Oregon State University turns ideals into reality with a unique approach characterized by collaboration and strategic focus, making a positive difference on quality of life and the natural world in Oregon and beyond.