OSU has a variety of offices, resources, and staff members designed to support your student in all facets of their academic life. Whether your student or you are looking for tutoring options on campus, wondering about how they can best go about exploring several majors while making progress towards earning a degree, or trying to understand a specific academic deadline or policy the resources below can help.

Academic Calendar

OSU operates on the term system with a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer term each year. During Fall, Winter and Spring terms students take courses for 10 weeks and then participate in Finals Week. Summer term offers students the opportunity to take 3-4, 8, and 10 week courses. The academic calendar provides many important deadlines for students and family members to know about including the first day of classes, last day to add and drop classes, when tuition bills are mailed, when the class registration begins, and when various holiday breaks occur.

Academic Success Center

Located in Waldo Hall, the Academic Success Center provides a host of services, from study tables to academic coaching to classes in study strategies and career exploration, helping students overcome challenges and working with high achievers to help them reach the next level. The Academic Success Center is also home to the University Exploratory Studies Program which is the the academic home for students who have chosen to explore their options prior to deciding on a major and the Learning Corner which features a variety of online tools students can access at any point for tips and strategies to help them maximize their learning and success.

Academic Advising

All students have one or more academic advisors they can see to assist them in major and career exploration, course planning and scheduling as well as various ways to maximize their time at OSU. Advisors can provide information about important deadlines and policies, places to seek additional academic support, internships, scholarships, research opportunities, and more. Your student's academic advisors is often the first person they should set an appointment with when questions come up about anything related to their academic lives or transition to OSU.

Majors & Minors

OSU offers more than 200 academic programs. You can find more information about Majors, Minors, and Careers at the Office of Admissions academic majors, programs, and careers website. Does your child want to explore a bit more before choosing a major? The University Exploratory Studies Program allows students to sample a variety of courses and fields before declaring their major


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining, securing and updating all student academic records and overseeing all OSU academic policies and regulations. Students often consult the Registrar's Office about enrollment verification, adding, dropping, waitlisting or withdrawing from classes, receiving transcripts and diplomas. The Registrar's Office is also the primarly place to learn more about the security and privacy of your student's record and how FERPA impacts the type of informaton that can and can't be shared with parents and other family members. Information is also available on how students can give family members permission to access their records.