Learning to balance and live on a budget can be difficult for students. College may be the first time students find themselves paying their own bills, managing credit cards and/or balancing a check book,. Some students find themselves unprepared to deal with the huge responsibility of money management. You, as a parent or family member, can be a good source of financial information and may be able to provide helpful pieces of advice. Here are some offices and resources to assist you and your student.

Financial Literacy

Website features tips to help both students and their families make informed financial decisions. Also includes a link to Cash Course an online budgeting and future planning tool.

Student Accounts

Provides information about tuition billing dates, how to pay bills, emergency loans, tuition refund information and more.

Tuition & Fees Calculator

Gives first time, full-time freshman students (and their parents) a better idea of what their “estimated” educational cost will be.

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship

Provides assistance with applying for, revieiwing and receiving OSU financial aid packages. FAQs along with specific information for parents is available off their main site.

Federal Student Aid

This website maintained by the US Department of Education provides information on how to apply for various Federal scholarships, grants, and loans.

OSU Scholarship Blog

A continuously updated list of available scholarships including ones specific to a student's area of study, academic standing, and other categories.

Student Employment

Operated by the Career Development Center at OSU, this site provides a list of on-campus jobs available for students as well as information and tips to help them get hired.

Human Services Resource Center (HSRC)

Provides direct service and referral services to OSU students experiencing hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Help accessing housing, health insurance, food stamps/boxes, and childcare options available.