Parents and family members of OSU students are tremendously positive resources to their students throughout their time in college. Below are a handful of resources to assist parents and family in being the best support possible to their student and also staying connected with what is going on at OSU and in the Corvallis area.

Parent Calendar

Our 12-month wall calendar is a great way to keep track of important dates and campus resources. The calendar also includes a wealth of ideas on how to help your student adjust to their academic schedule as well as their social life at OSU.

2017-2018 Academic Year (PDF)

To get a hard copy of the calender, please donate to the Parent and Family Fund and we will send a copy of the calendar.  

OSU Publications

The First-Year Parents & Family Newsletter is a free resource for parents and family members of first-year students at Oregon State University. Subscribers will receive a bi-weekly newsletter with timely information on campus resources, upcoming events, and helpful transition tips to assist parents and family members as they support their student(s) in the pursuit of academic and personal goals.

The Daily Barometer is consistently voted one of the best student newspapers in the country and current students are the primary authors, editors, and readers. Reading the Barometer is a good way to see what's going on at OSU, from the student perspective.

OSU Today is a daily (fall-spring) or weekly (summer) overview of the most prominent ways in which OSU staff, faculty and sometimes students are being featured in local, state, national and international news. It also includes upcoming events on campus, news about construction on-campus, and other timely information.

Terra magazine features stories about current research being done at OSU. Terra connects you with the latest findings in energy, Earth systems, natural resources, health, the economy, the arts and the social sciences.