Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of the Student Conduct Code is to establish community standards and procedures necessary to maintain and protect an environment conducive to learning, in keeping with the educational objectives of Oregon State University. The assumption upon which this code is based is that all persons must treat one another with dignity and respect in order for scholarship to thrive.

Students are expected to follow the academic and professional standards of the academic units. Choosing to join the Oregon State University community obligates each member to a code of responsible behavior. Individuals and student organizations are expected to observe the policies, rules, regulations and requirements of Oregon State University as well as laws of municipalities and counties, the State of Oregon, the United States of America and, when in another country, that country.

Contact Information

Student Conduct and Community Standards
150 Snell Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-3656
Fax: 541-737-3659

The Student Conduct and Community Standards Philosophy 

The goal of Oregon State University is to provide students with a general education so that they will acquire knowledge, skills, and wisdom to deal with and contribute to contemporary society in constructive ways. 

The State Board of Higher Education and the University, through the Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) Committee, which is composed of students, faculty and staff, have established regulations and policies deemed necessary to achieve the University's objective as an educational institution. All members of the University community have a strong responsibility to protect and maintain an academic climate in which the freedom to learn can be enjoyed by all. 

If an individual's conduct does not meet University standards, the possibility of disciplinary action arises. Conduct staff attempt to emphasize those kinds of experiences that assist the individual involved to think out, evaluate, and become accountable for personal behavior; to establish a personal code of conduct; and if need be, to redirect behavior in order to meet University expectations.

In enforcing the Student Conduct Code, the University follows due process procedures. Great emphasis is placed on the consideration of each individual case rather than attempting to have matching "penalties" or actions in response to specific violations. The ultimate objective of this office is educational and restorative. Through a fair consideration of all factors in each case, a concerted effort is made to prevent arbitrary and authoritarian action by an administrator or by student groups. Members of the Conduct staff are available to consult with and counsel students who believe that their individual rights have been violated or who are experiencing behavioral difficulties.


The Student Conduct and Community Standards office supports the mission of the University by providing programs and services designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of students in relation to community standards, civility, accountability, diversity, respect and truth.

Specifically, Student Conduct and Community Standards:

  • is part of the Office of the Dean of Student Life and supports OSU's Shared Student Values.
  • may initiate the conduct review process in response to information received indicating that a student may be responsible for violations of the Student Conduct Code.
  • assists faculty and staff with the management and support of disruptive or distressed students.
  • is the central coordinating office for student conduct related matters at OSU.
  • assists students to think out, evaluate and become accountable for personal and organizational behavior.
  • assists students in developing a plan of success to make things as "right" as possible, repairing any harm caused by their behavior or poor choices.