We are here to support you in...

Your interactions with students

If you are concerned about a student who may be in distress, or if a student is uncooperative in controlling inappropriate and disruptive behavior, we urge you to call our office and consult, consult, consult. We will work with you on a plan of action and will provide support until the issue is resolved. The online video presentations (tab at left) may also be a good resource for you.

Holding students accountable

We tell students to "Just Do What's Right" and they'll do just fine, however there are times when a student's behavior is in violation of the Student Conduct Code, which all students inherently agree to abide by upon acceptance of admission to Oregon State University. If you witness a violation, please report it to our office in writing using the Incident Report Form which can be found by selecting the Forms tab at the left. The University's Student Conduct Code may be found by selecting the Student Conduct Code tab at the left.

Promoting academic integrity

Unfortunate challenges faced by faculty are the necessity of promoting academic integrity in the classroom and holding students accountable when incidents of academic dishonesty occur. The University has a reporting procedure in place that preserves due process for students and protects the instructor reporting a violation of academic dishonesty. A detailed outline of this process, along with the reporting form, may be downloaded from the Academic Dishonesty tab or the Forms for Reporting tab at the left. If you have any questions about the process, please let us know.

Professional Development

Our staff is available to present to faculty and staff on "Identifying and Managing Students with Distressed or Disruptive Behavior" and "Promoting Academic Integrity in the Classroom." Please select the Request a Presentation tab at the left for more detailed descriptions.