When young adults leave for college, some parents feel uncertain about the changing relationship. You can and should continue to play a vital role in the life of your college student.

  • Stay in touch - write, call, email, ask questions.
  • Promote independent problem solving.
  • Expect change.
  • Be realistic about financial matters and academics.
  • Give your son or daughter the opportunity to express new viewpoints and opinions.
  • Support his or her independence.
  • If your daughter or son experiences difficulties at OSU, encourage her or him to take advantage of campus resources available for students.

Sometimes parents get frustrated if they are paying the University bills and then are not informed when their student is involved with the conduct review process. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the educational records of students are considered confidential unless a student provides written consent and purpose of disclosure of educational records. 

Student Conduct and Community Standards staff members are committed to assisting students with personal development and growth through accountability. What this means is that the conduct review process is designed to hold students accountable and to give students an opportunity to think through their behavior. We assist students in developing individual plans of action to recover and move forward as best they can from any mistake they may have made.