Food and monetary donations are always welcome at the OSU Food Pantry.

The best question to consider when choosing donations is ‘what shelf stable items would you like to find when shopping?’ This is likely what others would like to find.

We do have the following wish list if specific recommendations are helpful.

  • Canned Salmon, Tuna, Spam, and Chicken
  • Menstrual products (especially pads of all types, and overnight pads)
  • Cooking oil (Olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, canola oil etc.)
  • Ramen/instant noodles/indomie noodles
  • Toilet paper, paper towel, facial tissue
  • Shelf stable non-dairy milk
  • Shelf stable cow’s milk (dollar tree carries this)
  • Gluten free products
  • Ground Coffee/Instant Coffee/whole bean coffee
  • Snacking chocolate and hot cocoa
  • Granola bars/breakfast bars
  • Boxes of cereal
  • Canned corn, diced tomatoes, peaches, and other fruit
  • Fresh produce from the garden
  • Spices, seasonings, bouillon, broth/stock
  • New can openers
  • New or clean-used-but-in-good-shape flatware
  • Monetary donations

What items aren’t accepted?

We do not accept shelf stable foods significantly past best by date. With clear disclosure to allow personal decision making, we do offer some just past date but still ok items.

We do not accept: open packages; supplements or medicine; dairy or protein past best-by date; safe sex supplies (except from community partner agencies); expired baby formula or baby food; food pet food and supplies; home canned items; windfall fruit. Please call or email to ask about donations you aren’t sure about: 541-737-3747 or [email protected].