Beavers Give Back

Food insecurity affects all students, even those that are living in campus residence halls, even when they have a dining plan. In Fall 2017, the BNC started a collaboration with University Housing and Dining Services to help address this issue. Students with dining plans can donate money from their meal plans to the Full Plate Fund at any time and the BNC distributes these donated funds to other residence hall students who are struggling to get enough to eat. Donations can be made at any cash register in the UHDS dining centers. 

To receive Full Plate Funds, students need to complete the Food Assistance Application during week 1 of the term. When a student receives Full Plate funds, they can spend them at any UHDS dining center when they have run out of UHDS Dining Dollars. This is different from Mealbux, which can be spent at any location that accepts Orange Cash. 

Further questions about the Full Plate Fund can be answered on our FAQ page