Initially funded as a generous gift by the Women's Giving Circle, the BNC Textbook Lending Library has over 2,000 textbooks for students to check out for an entire academic term for free. This library is an ongoing contribution from current and past students donating their books after use. You can give your old textbooks new life by donating them to our lending library any time of year.

In addition to textbooks, this program also includes calculators (including graphing calculators), chemistry molecule kits, lab goggles and other essential course materials. At the start of each term, a limited number of TopHat classroom codes are available.

How to check out a book:

  1. Use your syllabus or the OSU Beaverstore to figure out what textbooks you need.
  2. Look up the books you need on the BNC website to see if the BNC has a copy.
  3. Visit the BNC in-person to check-out your course materials. Check-outs begin the week prior to the start of classes each term. To check-out books, students will need the details about the book they need, the course code (e.g. COMM 111) and a current OSU ID.
  4. After the term, return your books to the Champinefu Lodge so the next student can check them out. (All items are due back to the BNC Friday of finals week.)

Note: Sorry, the BNC is not able to provide access codes. The student fee dollars that fund this program go to reusable textbooks that can benefit multiple students. 

How many books can I check out? 

You'll be able to check out all the books you need for one of your classes the first day that you come to check out books. The next day, you can check out all the books you need for another of your classes if they are still available.  

For example, if you come to the BNC on Monday and the program has all three books you need for your English class, you can check them all out, but none of your math books. You can come back on Tuesday morning, however, and check out all the books you need for your math class. Wednesday, if the BNC still has your biology book, you can check that out. 

What if you don't have my book?

A couple weeks prior to the start of each (non-summer) term, the BNC opens up textbook requests. The request form allows students to ask for up to three books we do not currently have in our library. When purchased, the requester is notified by email and the book is placed on hold for them for a few days so they can have first dibs on checking it out.

Spring term 2024 Requests

If you need a hard copy textbook and do not see it when you search for it in our library, we invite you to submit a request! Submit by March 18th using the "Request Textbooks button above and they will be ready at the start of the term. Please note that if you have requested books from us before, we no longer have two deadline options for ordering and will only be able to order items requested by that date.

Check back here or on our Instagram for the request form for future terms. 

Other Textbook Affordability Resources

Oregon State University has multiple resources for students who are exploring how to keep their textbook and course materials costs low.

  1. Students can access some physical materials on course reserve in the Valley Library for a three-hour loan or check out electronic copies of some texts.
  2. Students can also request that the Valley Library purchase copies of their text to have available for loan. 
  3. The Schedule of Classes includes a section in each course that indicates if the class a student might take has free or affordable course materials.
  4. Drop into the BNC any time we're open to talk with our Peer Navigators about a variety of strategies they know about!