Community Responsibility and Belonging enhances neighborhood livability and inspires a shared responsibility for creating a healthy, inclusive OSU-Corvallis community. We provide programs and services designed to help students become more informed tenants, responsible neighbors, and civically engaged members of the Corvallis community. We listen, communicate, and liaise with university and community stakeholders, establishing synergistic Community-University partnerships to discuss livability concerns and identify mutually satisfactory solutions. Through collaboration, communication, education, and celebration, we cultivate C.A.R.E. - Community, Awareness, Responsibility, Empathy.


Our office educates students about university policies and local ordinances, strengthens neighborhood relations through effective communication and collaboration with community-university stakeholders. We strive to promote a sense of belonging and encourage civic responsibility and social awareness that fosters student achievement, health and wellness, and overall happiness for everyone living in our neighborhood.



  1. Developing student awareness of Corvallis community values
  2. Create valuable partnerships with community stakeholders to achieve shared or mutually agreed upon results
  3. Build awareness, visibility and messaging that demonstrates Oregon State’s commitment and involvement in community relations activities that foster increased community and neighborhood livability.



  1. Collaborate: Establish synergistic Community-University partnerships with key stakeholders
  2. Educate: Implement programming to inform off-campus students of city ordinances, tenant rights, conduct processes and the value of positive civil behavior
  3. Communicate: Build and restore internal and external communication channels to effectively disseminate information and liaise with off campus living groups
  4. Celebrate: Highlight substantial contributions of OSU and its student's to the local community.

Wellness Agents

Want to influence student health and well-being on campus? Become a peer leader through Student Health Services’ Wellness Agents Program. Wellness Agents is grounded in the belief that high quality peer programs foster healthy behaviors, student engagement and success, and overall inclusivity through education, environmental change and advocacy. The Wellness Agent program offers a Community Relations track within Corvallis Community Relations. To become a part of the Community Relations track with Corvallis Community Relations, contact Wellness Agent program coordinator, Sara Caldwell-Kan: Sara.Caldwell-Kan@OregonState.edu. Learn more at: http://studenthealth.oregonstate.edu/wellness/wellness-agents


Here’s what our current Community Relations Wellness Agents are up to:

Representing Community Responsibility and Belonging by:

  • Hosting Corvallis Living Guide workshops to first year students in Residence Halls
  • Promoting Corvallis Living Guide Program (hyperlink PDF or CLG page)
  • Developing and coordinating the I Heart Corvallis initiative
  • Designing a Corvallis Off-Campus Map highlighting key locations for students living off-campus
  • Assisting with Corvallis Community Relations Signature Programs (hyperlink to Signature Programs page)
  • Hosting on-campus and off-campus community events
  • Developing Corvallis Community relations marketing strategies
  • Updating social media platform content