Oregon State University & Fraternity/Sorority Relationship Statement

Revision Date: December 1, 2020


Fraternities and sororities have played an important role at Oregon State University (OSU or University) since the founding of the first national organization in 1882. In the past century, both OSU and fraternities and sororities have benefited from the mutual relationship. Fraternities and sororities provide a valuable component of the undergraduate experience and complement the curricular and co-curricular aims of the University. Fraternities and sororities recognized by OSU are expected to maintain this history of positive contribution by conducting themselves in accordance with the shared values and expectations of their affiliate inter/national organizations and the University.


This Relationship Statement between Oregon State University and its fraternities and sororities formalizes those shared values and expectations that are instrumental in ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between all of the parties. Among the specific areas addressed are leadership development, academic achievement, risk reduction and management, diversity and inclusion, membership development, campus engagement and community service, advising and alumni relations, and community standards. This Relationship Statement serves as the basis for ensuring the positive presence and continued contributions of fraternities and sororities at Oregon State University, and that each party to this document is working collaboratively to enable each other to meet and exceed their individual missions and goals.


2021 Relationship Statement


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Due to the virtual nature of Winter and Spring Term 2021, you can find a list of adjustments and virtual options for the 2021 Relationship Statement here

Criteria for Recognition & Evaluation

Fraternities and sororities at OSU will be annually evaluated according to the following criteria. The completion of the below criterion will be reported and compiled regularly throughout the academic year through coordination with the CFSL.

A. Leadership Development

B. Academic Achievement

C. Risk Reduction & Management

D. Diversity & Inclusion

E. Membership Development

F. Campus Engagement and Community Service

G. Advising & Alumni Relations

H. Community Standards