Each student who attends Oregon State University is enrolled first and foremost to receive an education and pursue a college degree. It is expected that the basic academic relationship between the student and the University will be enhanced, and not degraded, by a student’s membership in a fraternity or sorority. It should be a primary goal of all fraternity and sorority members to lead in the effort to promote academic success in the classroom.


Chapters are required to:


  1. Maintain a minimum term GPA of 2.5 for the chapter average for all terms in the review period.
  2. Recruit only potential new members who are in good standing academically with the University.
  3. Attend or host at least one program or workshop in the academic year with focus on academic skills and strategies, career readiness, or professional development where 80% or more of chapter membership attends for each term the chapter term average is below a 3.0 GPA.

Oregon State University will provide the following support:

  1. Recognize the chapters that meet or exceed academic standards set for fraternities and sororities.
  2. Provide chapters with resources about academic success training and other services through the Academic Success Center.
  3. Compile and distribute individual chapter grade reports.
  4. Compile and distribute an academic report listing the community and chapter averages each term.
  5. Assist chapters in developing and implementing academic improvement plans when necessary.


How do I schedule workshops?

Academic Achievement workshops can be scheduled with the Academic Success Center, your Faculty Advisor, or the Career Development Center. For Spring 2024, the ASC has put together a workshop series just for fraternity & sorority life! You can find the workshop dates and how to sign up on this webpage.