OSU strongly supports the contributions that inter/national headquarters make to the fraternity and sorority community and the University. It is essential for each chapter to work closely with the representatives of their inter/national organizations to exemplify the ideals and values of those organizations within the fraternity and sorority and campus communities. Active members of Fraternities and Sororities are expected to foster positive relationships with alumni in order to increase the visibility and continued connection to Oregon State University.

Chapters are required to:

1. Have an alumni advisor and/or team in accordance with the structure prescribed by their inter/national organization that oversees chapter activities such as recruitment or membership intake, standards, finance, scholarship, and chapter operations.

2. Have an advisor who serves as a house corporation liaison (if applicable) to address issues with the chapter facility.

3. Have a designated faculty/staff advisor from campus to serve as an academic resource and a connection to the on-campus faculty/staff community.

4. Have a live-in House Director/Resident Advisor residing in the chapter facility full-time during the academic year for all housed chapters. A live-in house director is an individual selected by the organization who can assist with a variety of tasks dependent upon the individual housed chapter’s needs. The purpose of having a house director for every facility is to ensure that a responsible non-undergraduate person of authority is present to assist collegiate chapter members with accountability and the upkeep of the facility. Undergraduate members of the chapter are not eligible to fulfill this role. This person can be either a Graduate Student or a traditional House Director/Mother/Father who lives
in the facility during the academic year.

Oregon State University will provide the following support:

1. Identify potential advisors by working with the Alumni Association to identify local alumni, faculty, and staff with fraternity/sorority affiliations who may be interested in serving as advisors.

2. Timely communication regarding issues and concerns relating to campus fraternity and sorority life and their chapters.

3. Facilitate regular meetings for advisors to discuss common issues and facilitate communication.

4. Optional educational opportunities and training in which advisors may participate to help them carry out their responsibilities.

5. The Alumni Association will assist chapters with access to their alumni through their database. This will be coordinated through the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life.