Affiliated Housing Program

Workshops 2017-2020 


Utilize this document to identify which programs are pre-approved by the AHP Committee.  All programs listed on this document can be used to meet one of your chapter’s educational or behavioral program requirements (none programs per year, at least on per term).  Participants must have one program from each of the sub-areas.

Each hyperlinked heading will take you to the request from for the workshops offered by the corresponding department.  Please contact the listed department directly through the provided link.

Workshop Topic Areas:

     1.  Alcohol and Drug Prevention

          Student Health Services:

            a.  Alcohol and other drugs

            b.  Marijuana: A blunt discussion on the facts

     2.  Sexual Violence Prevention and Supporting Services

          Counseling & Psychological Services:

            a. Interpersonal Violence and Support Services 

          Student Health Services:

            a.  Beavers Give a Dam

            b.  Blurred Lines

            c.  Clothing Optional. Consent Required

     3.  Diversity, Inclusivity and Cultural Responsiveness

          Equal Opportunity & Access:

            a.  Accessibility

          Diversity & Cultural Engagement

            a.  Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Responsiveness

     4.  Hazing Prevention

          Student Health Services:

            a.  Hazing Awareness & Education Workshop

Program Outcomes:

     1.  Positive Mental Health

          Counseling & Psychological Services:

            a.  Managing the mind

            b.  Behind happy faces curriculum training

            c.  Suicide Risk Reduction Program

1. Gatekeeper Training 

          Student Health Services: Nutrition Programs

            a.  Body Image

            b.  Healthy Eating on Budget

            c.  Sports Nutrition

            d.  OSU Mental Health Initiative 

          Men’s Development & Engagement:

            a.  Learning to “Be a Man”

            b.  Healthy and toxic masculinities

            c.  Uncovering our healthy masculinities

            d.  Screening and dialogue: The mask you live in

            e.  Stories of masculinity

     2.  Positive and Productive Engagement in the OSU Community

          Community Engagement & Leadership:

            a.  Relational, Not Transactional: How to Build Partnerships with Community-Based Organizations

     3.  Supportive Academic living/learning environment 

          Academic Success Center:

            a.  Setting & Achieving Goals

            b.  Strategies for time management & combating procrastination

            c.  Test-prep and the science of learning

            d.  Concentration, distraction, and effective study sessions

            e.  10 strategies for success in you 1st year

            f.  Academic Resources on campus

            g.  Already had a workshop on one of the above topics and my group wants a follow-up

     4.  Civic Engagement 

          Community Engagement & Leadership

            a.  Community Engagement & Leadership Overview

            b.  Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement 

            c.  True Colors

            d.  Becoming an Effective Site Leader

            e. Get Involved @ OSU