Fraternities and Sororities are key participants in the University’s ongoing efforts to serve the greater Corvallis community. The Fraternity and Sorority tradition of direct service activities includes donating thousands of volunteer hours as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars to local and national non-profit organizations. The continued leadership of the fraternity/sorority community in this area is essential to the success of OSU’s sustained relationship with the Corvallis area.


Chapters are required to:

1. Host at least one chapter-sponsored service project and/or philanthropic fundraiser during each academic year.

2. Participate as a chapter in one community wide event/University-wide service/philanthropy per term (i.e. Relay for Life, Homecoming, help with UHDS move-in day, participating in Center for Civic Engagement service opportunities, etc.)

3. Expect members to engage in direct service regularly by reporting service activities each term on the approved reporting system offered through the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life.

4. Co-sponsor or co-host at least one educational program or project with another fraternity/sorority, student organization, or OSU department during each academic year. 


Oregon State University will provide the following support:

1. University departments will provide opportunities for chapters to participate in University-wide service projects and/or philanthropic fundraisers.

2. University departments will provide leadership training that will assist chapters in their coordination of service projects and/or philanthropic fundraisers.

3. Assistance with public relations and marketing of planned events and activities.

4. A mechanism to track and report fraternity and sorority service hours and appropriately recognize and celebrate service initiatives. 


Chapters interested in hosting programs, workshops, or participating in community-wide events, can reach out and sign up at Community Engagement & Leadership