As is reflective of the University population, the fraternity/sorority community is comprised of individuals representing a variety of heritages, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives as well as of individual organizations with unique histories and missions. As our campus becomes more diverse, it is essential that the Fraternity/Sorority community honors and maintains an inclusive atmosphere. Chapters are encouraged to partner across councils to host events together that allow members to get to know members in other councils/chapters so that all community members better understand the unique array of chapters at Oregon State University.

Chapters are required to:

  1. Adopt and follow the nondiscrimination policies put forth by inter/national affiliate organizations and Oregon State University.
  2. Include education on the various types of fraternities, sororities and governing councils in the chapter’s new member education process.
  3. Attend or host a program or workshop in the academic year which focuses on diversity and inclusion for the chapter or community where 20% or more of chapter membership attends.
  4. Actively discourage cultural appropriative activities and practices and hold members accountable who engage in cultural appropriation.


Oregon State University will provide the following support:

1. Offer access to ongoing diversity education and programming through the efforts of Diversity & Cultural Engagement, the Office of Institutional Diversity, University Housing & Dining Services, Equal Opportunity & Access, and other service areas.

2. Assistance with the development of diversity and inclusion programming through partnership with Diversity & Cultural Engagement. 


Chapters interested in having a workshop for their chapter can contact the office of Diversity & Cultural Engagement  below:

3. GDI Cultural Competency Training