We hope to provide some information and general resources to assist Chapter Scholarship Chairs/Officers, as well as provide information and resources that our Chapter members can use to assist with their academic responsibilities and success.

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Fraternity & Sorority Peer Tutoring Service

This is a fraternity/sorority community based tutoring service. Those who feel confident about tutoring others and are willing to volunteer their time are encouraged to take the tutor interest survey and select the classes for which they are qualified and comfortable. Volunteer tutor names, email addresses, and other relevant information will be posted below (and continuously updated). Any fraternity or sorority member looking for a tutor can directly contact the volunteer tutor who best meets their needs. From that point on, those two individuals would schedule times to meet up at their convenience directly.  All one on one tutoring sessions must occur in a campus building (Valley Library or the Memorial Union are great options). All one on one tutoring sessions must occur in a campus building (Valley Library or the Memorial Union are great options) or designated study areas in fraternity and sorority chapter houses. No tutor sessions can occur at anyone’s private residence. In its initial implementation, the services provided through this program are generally oriented towards serving underclassmen. Lower level classes have the most overlap between majors and there are that many more upperclassmen who have taken those classes. However, when volunteers take the tutor interest survey, they can add any class for which they could tutor so interested students can receive help in 300 or 400 level classes as well (such as Biochemistry or Finance classes).


  • Complete this interest survey: http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_b79XE8dRfkiSnNr
    • You will be contacted by a council officer who will confirm the details you’ve submitted and invite you to an optional training session to learn how to tutor if you have no experience. While this is not required, it is highly encouraged.
  • You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.0 and received a letter grade B or higher in each class for which you can tutor.
  • The list of tutors will be reviewed and updated in its entirety each term. Signing up does not have to be a long-term committment. We ask that you complete at least one full term of tutoring, but if you feel you'll be too busy the following term, you can request to be removed from the list by emailing cfsl@oregonstate.edu
  • You will receive recognition and acknowledgement for your service.
    • The time you spend tutoring will not only count towards community service hours, but there will be incentives for those who go above and beyond.
    • The fraternity and sorority member with the highest number of tutoring hours will be recognized at Greek Awards in the spring as well as the chapters with the most total hours (will be adjusted for chapter size).
    • Every tutor who volunteers at least 10 hours of their time will receive a cord at graduation.



  • Realize that a tutor may be temporarily booked. Tutors reserve the right to decline service if they are already helping too many students. Also, this list will be continuously updated, so check back regularly if you do not find anyone who can help you.
  • Be considerate. These tutors are volunteering their time and are full-time students as well, so plan to use time efficiently.
  • Be professional. Tutors have a right to decline service if they are made to feel uncomfortable in any way, if there are repeated no-shows, or if they feel you are wasting their time (e.g. you don’t really need help but you contact a tutor anyways to try and spend time with them).


If you have any questions, please contact one of the following council officers:

Colin Shearmire, IFC Vice President of Scholarship


Jamie Gomes, Panhellenic Vice President of Scholarship



Resources for Scholarship Chairs:

  • The Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio:
    • The Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio is located on campus in the Valley Library on the main floor.  Visit the studio to receive assistance with all aspects of writing, including but not limited to brainstorming, sentence structure, formatting, and grammar usage.  The link to the Studio home page is  http://writingcenter.oregonstate.edu/. The Studio does not have appointments; just come in, sit down, and start working. A consultant can offer feedback when you need it.
  • The Math Learning Center
    • The Math Learning Center (MLC) is located on campus in Kidder Hall.  Visit the Math Learning center to receive assistance with all levels of mathematics.  No appointments are necessary, tutors are available on a walk in first come first serve basis.  For hours of operation and more information visit their home page at http://math.oregonstate.edu/mlc_schedule.
  • The Valley Library
    • Need a quiet place to study or help finding some resources?  Visit The Valley Library on campus.  To reserve a study room, chat with a librarian, or find an online resource, visit their homepage at http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/.  Stop by the information desk located on the main floor of the library for more information and assistance/
  • Academic Success Center
    • Are you or a chapter member seeking an academic coach or helpful tips on how to be successful in college?  The Academic Success Center, located in Waldo Hall, is here to help.  To schedule an appointment, call their main line at (541) 737-2272.  Visit their home page for more information and a list of services that are available and free to students: http://success.oregonstate.edu/


Scholarships are available for students to apply, typically offered by individual chapters. Check out the OSU Scholarship page for more information about academic scholoarships.