We hope to provide our Chapter members with information about civic engagement and upcoming opportunities for community service.

Visit the Center for Civic Engagement to stay up to date on what community service opportunities are available in the Corvallis Community: http://sli.oregonstate.edu/cce
  • Alternative Spring Break Trips
    • Check back as the 2019 Spring Break approaches for any opportunities.
  • Community Service Hour Tracking:

Planning a service project?

The Service Project Planning Guide outlines the considerations, components, and tasks necessary for planning and leading a successful community service project. CCE recommends you use this guide "buffet-style"-- pick and choose the sections, activities, and tips that best meet your planning and facilitating needs.

Planning your chapter's philanthropy event?

The Philanthropy and Social Change document will help you learn more about how to use your philanthropy to make change and create a deeper impact.