The Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life is committed to the development and growth of the fraternity and sorority community.

Development of values-based leadership among members of fraternities and sororities is critical to the sustained success of these organizations. Strong leadership within organizations contributes to an overall successful community and OSU student community at large. Chapters are required to complete specific requirements in order to ensure members are getting the adequate opportunities for growth and development.

Leadership Retreat - 2020

Annual Leadership Retreat

In order to create a cohesive community, it is important to gather our leaders, educate them, and support them in their visions for their organizations and the community. To accomplish these goals, the CFSL hosts an annual Leadership Retreat where all current or incoming Chapter Presidents and Governing Council Officers participate in a weekend dedicated to the collaboration, growth, and enhancement of the fraternity and sorority community. For the past three years, the CFSL has hosted IMPACT - a North-American Interfraternity Conference program. The IMPACT curriculum emphasizes problem solving, leadership development, values-based decision making, effective communication, and community development. 

Emerging Leaders Retreat - LeaderShape Catalyst 

The CFSL is committed to developing emerging leaders in our community. Every fall, a member from each chapter who shows leadership potential is invited to participate in the program. For past three years, we have brought LeaderShape Catalyst to campus to grow and inspire leaders. LeaderShape Catalyst is a one-day program that is focused on learning to develop your own path and to become a spark to drive a plan in your life and the groups you're part of. 

This program is made possible through the generous donations of OSU fraternity and sorority alumni!

More Opportunities

Does your chapter have a member retreat coming up? Or perhaps you want to improve your officer transition program? Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) is able to provide chapter’s with workshops on varying topics. 

Some workshops include: conflict resolution, fundraising, how to facilitate meetings and discussion, officer transitions, and leadership tips and styles.  For more information and a complete list of the workshops, visit the SLI’s workshops page. To book a workshop, fill out the online-workshop request form 2 weeks in advance to your program. 

Relationship Statement - Expectations & Resources

Chapters are required to:

1. Each chapter president (or their appointee) will attend the fraternity/sorority leadership retreat during the winter term.

2. Each member will take part in at least one leadership education or student organization membership opportunity offered on campus during the prior calendar year.

3. Each chapter president (or their appointee) will attend chapter president meetings and all CFSL required events for chapter presidents.

4. Appoint one member to attend the annual Emerging Leaders Retreat. 

5. Have a meeting with the chapter's designated CFSL staff point of contact at least once per term in the academic year. 

Oregon State University will provide the following support: 

1. Officer transition resources to assist in the successful transition from outgoing to incoming leadership. 

2. Sponsor the annual fraternity/sorority leadership retreat in the winter term.

3. Sponsor the annual Emerging Leaders Retreat in the fall term.

4. Offer additional leadership programs and opportunities, which include sponsorship of fraternity and sorority community leaders to attend the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) annual leadership conference and other national leadership development opportunities.