Before deciding to go through with any of our recruitment processes at Oregon State, we ask you to please first watch this video explaining what being a part of the Fraternity and Sorority Community means to us. 

Always Wearing Your Letters

  • During recruitment, ask lots of questions. There are no foolish questions.
  • Clearly understand the obligations of being member, especially the financial obligation.
    • Understand the total costs, beyond dues and room/board of membership.
  • If the chapter has a house, clearly understand what your commitment to live-in will be as a member.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at any recruitment activity. Play by the rules.
  • The decision to join a fraternity/sorority is a life-long commitment. Be clear what you expect and what you are prepared to give to this commitment.
    • Remember that affiliation in a fraternity/sorority takes commitment, effort, money and time.
    • Seek to affiliate with a chapter which you feel you can benefit from and which you feel you can contribute your time, energy and talents for a lifetime
  • Understand the academic support programs of the chapter. Quiet hours, study tables and test files are basic elements. You will need more support to achieve your academic potential.
  • Examine the new-member program.
  • E-mail the faculty advisor.
  • Discuss the community service program of the chapter.
  • Understand the educational programs the chapter sponsors and participates in on campus.
  • Review the Chapters Strategic/Annual Plan.
  • Familiarize yourself with chapter names and the Greek alphabet; it will make the recruitment process much easier for you
  • Ignore belittling and derogatory remarks you may hear
  • Take advantage of the "open houses" during Formal Recruitment
  • Your decision as to which chapter to join should be "your" decision; don’t be pressured by anyone else
  • Be yourself!
  • Have fun; enjoy the experience!