I recently missed several days of class due to an unexpected circumstance (illness, family loss, injury, etc.). What is the university’s excused absence policy?

It can feel very stressful to miss a few classes or an exam throughout the term. The university does not have an excused absence policy, but there are several options to consider to successfully complete the term:

If your absence was due to the loss of a family member or friend.
  1. Know that you are not alone and you have people to help you make decisions.
  2. Please review the university’s bereavement guidelines provided by the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Consider getting support in your grief from friends, advisors, faculty, staff, and CAPS upon your return.
If your absence was for different unforeseen circumstances, please consider these steps:
  1. Contact your Instructor or Faculty member
    • If possible, communicating your recent or anticipated absence should be your first step.
    • Review your instructor’s syllabus for expectations on communication. You may also consider including your advisor in your outreach if that has been encouraged in the past.
    • You aren’t required to provide significant detail, but enough for the instructor to have context.
  2. Explore your options with your academic advisor by reviewing the Key Decision Points guide and the Final Grades flow-chart to weigh your options after contacting your faculty.
  3. Contact us: we’re happy to consult on these options. Call us at 541-737-8748 or submit a Student Care Inquiry form for support.
  4. Connect with the Academic Success Center to meet a strategist to map out the remainder of the term to complete it successfully.