Many students initiate their search for Fall 2018 Housing as soon as February/March 2018 (6-7 months in advance of moving in). Be aware that many off-campus housing options can become harder to find the closer you are to summer due to the tight housing market in Corvallis. Keep in mind that many housing providers require an application fee that can range from $20-50.

Before you begin your search for housing, consider going through this list of questions by yourself or with potential roommates.


  • How many roommates do you have and how many bedrooms do you need? What about general living space?
  • Have you considered a roommate agreement or talked about expectations for living in a shared space? Roommate agreements can help students resolve conflicts that may arise when living in a communal living arrangement.


  • What is your budget for the upcoming year? What is the price of rent and utilities that is within your expected price range?
  • Do you need a co-signer on the lease? Many off-campus housing providers will require a co-signer if the renter has no previous rental history established. Some housing providers will accept UHDS as a former housing provider.


  • Are you okay with the location of the potential housing option? Will you need to bike or drive to campus? Be aware that housing options that are in close walking distance (10-15 minutes) to campus do not stay on the market for very long.
  • Do you have access to transportation, or do you plan to use public transportation?


  • Are you wanting a 12-month lease or month-to-month? On-campus options run for the academic year. Keep in mind that there are fewer options for month-to-month leases available in the Corvallis community.
  • Are you planning to spend a term on an off-campus internship, academic exchange, or study abroad? If so, what is your plan for ending your lease or sub-leasing your space? Inquire about whether the property manager allows sub-leasing.
  • Do you have any pets or special needs that need to be accommodated?
  • Does your facility include laundry facilities or will you use a laundromat?


Next Step: Searching & Applying