How do I find housing?

Finding housing in Corvallis can be tricky due to limited number of housing units available. However, there are a variety of websites that can give you a good start with your search. We recommend thoroughly researching the housing provider or landlord prior to applying to the unit. Many housing providers have websites with information about their current rentals including contact information. Check out the following resources to begin your search.

Beware of scams

Far too many students are preyed upon by rental housing scams. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for red flags of a potential scam. If you are ever questioning whether you are being scammed or not, trust your instincts and avoid pursuing the property.

Red Flags of a scam

  1. Requests to wire funds via MoneyGram or Western Union
    1. Most scams involve a request to wire funds. Do not wire funds to anyone you haven’t met personally. Scammers create convincing reasons why they need to deal remotely. Likewise, do not accept wire funds that you did not initiate.
  2. Long-distance landlords
    1. Be wary of claims from people who are contacting you from abroad because they are missionaries, U.N. workers or in the military.
  3. Requests for verification codes
    1. If you are asked to provide a code sent to your cell phone via text or phone call, this is a scam.
  4. Requests for personal or financial information.
    1. Do not provide your bank account or Social Security number to unknown sources. First, verify that it is a trusted source, then provide this information sparingly.

Inspecting a property

Once you and your roommates have found the property you are interested in renting, give it a thorough inspection before signing a lease. Many housing providers will require a walkthrough of the unit prior to signing the lease.

Consider using the following inspection checklist:

  • Turn on all faucets and shower heads to make sure the hot and cold water works.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Check the thermostat to make sure the heat and air conditioning work properly.
  • Make sure there is a sufficient outdoor lighting for your safety.
  • Open windows to check the condition of their hardware and to make sure they are not painted shut. Bedroom windows should be large enough to escape through in case of a fire.
  • Inspect the floors and carpet for stains and moisture damage.
  • Make sure exterior doors have working locks.
  • Check all appliances to make certain they are functioning properly.
  • Talk to the current tenants to see if they have had specific problems with anything in the rental property. If you find any issues and/or needed upgrades, discuss each item with the landlord. Be sure that any agreed-to requests are written into the lease.

After inspecting the property, request a sample lease from the landlord, and take it to ASOSU Legal Services for a free lease review.


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