Just as with moving in, moving out requires planning ahead. Get boxes and pack your belongings little by little. Ask friends and family to help make the moving process a little easier. When you are getting close to your move out date, use the following check list as a guide to be better prepared for moving out.

Moving-Out Checklist

Lease Terms

  • Check the lease end date. By what date do you need to move out or renew your lease in order to stay? If you haven’t renewed your lease by the landlord’s deadline — which may or may not be the last day of your lease — the landlord may rent the property to someone else.


  • Don’t wait until the last minute. It’s easy to underestimate the time it takes to pack all your belongings and move. Start packing at least 14 days before you need to vacate.
  • Pack up in stages to allow yourself time to sell, donate or find homes for things you no longer need or should not go in curbside or dumpster garbage. Check out the Great Move Out to find out how to donate unwanted items.
  • Check the move-out policy. Do you need to return keys, have the carpet cleaned or do anything else before moving out?
  • Cancel your utilities or transfer your service to your new address.

Move Out Day

  • Renting a truck, movers or a storage unit? Make your reservation well in advance since lots of other people are moving out at the same time.
  • Clean everything thoroughly. Save all receipts for cleaning products or professional services as proof. Consider using green cleaning supplies.
  • Take pictures or video of your empty unit to document the condition of the property when you left.

Security Deposit

  • Find out the date when you will get your security deposit back. This is not guaranteed. If there is damage or cleaning needed, the landlord may use money from your security deposit to repair the property. A landlord has 31 days after termination of the lease to return the security deposit or send a notice by First Class mail stating how much is going to be deducted from the deposit and why.
  • Give your landlord your new mailing address and phone number in case any follow-up is needed.

Change of Address

  • Change your mailing address so that important documents or bills are forwarded to your new address.