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Vendor Registration

Vendor registration closes April 8th.  

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General Event Information

Goal: The Corvallis Housing Fair connects OSU students with housing opportunities, as well as other campus offices and community agencies that prepare student to integrate responsibly into the Corvallis community. 

Parking: Parking on campus is available at a nominal fee.  For Short Term Parking, permits may be purchased for an entire day ($10-12) or hourly ($1-2) based on Zone.  For Zone/Campus Map information click here.

Limited Space.  Participation Not Guaranteed.
Space at the 2016 OSU Housing Expo is limited.  Vendor Registration does not guarantee participation. Corvallis Housing Fair staff will verify registration and assign space to vendors on a first come, first served basis.  The Corvallis Housing Fair Staff reserves the right to refuse participation based on the compatibility of the Housing Fair and vendor's goals.

Registration Fee Schedule : To defray the costs of producing the Corvallis Housing Fair (CHF) and increase the funds available for marketing and advertising to students (to increase attendance), we intend to charge a nominal fee.  We're awaiting the final registration fee schedule from the university's contracts office, but anticipate the charges to be as follows:

  • Non Profit and Government Agencies -  $20.00
  • For Profit and Property Management Companies - $82.00

Vendors will be provided with one table, one table cloth, and two chairs. Vendors are encouraged to decorate their tables and provide materials with information related to their property rentals.

Navigating the Housing Expo as a Vendor

Parking Information

Campus Map

Drop off and unload location

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