To discourage behavior that adversely impacts the livability of Corvallis, the City of Corvallis last year increased fines associated with Special Response Notices (SRN) for excess noise and inappropriate behavior, as well as several violations related to alcohol consumption.

SRNs are issued as a civil process that consists of a written warning for violations including, but not limited to, littering, amplified noise and human waste.

Beginning last March, residents who receive a second Special Response Notice within 30 days of receiving a first SRN are retroactively billed for the total cost incurred by the City for responding to both incidents, ”including but not limited to, police officers, equipment, dispatch and supervisor time.” (Corvallis Municipal Code, Section 5.03.150).

Last July (2013) the City of Corvallis updated the Corvallis Municipal Code to be consistent with the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), increasing penalties for alcohol violations related to minor in possession, furnishing alcohol to minors, and hosting parties for minors.  Individuals under the age of 21 arrested for purchase or possession of alcoholic liquor (MIP) will have their driving privileges suspended for up to one year.  Meanwhile, those responsible for furnishing alcohol to minors, or for hosting parties where alcohol is consumed or possessed by minors, will receive a mandatory minimum sentence of:

a)  Upon a first conviction, a fine of $500;
b)  Upon a second conviction, a fine of $1,000;
c)  Upon a third conviction, a fine of $1,500 and a minimum of 30 days imprisonment