While we should celebrate our neighbors, community and collaboration every day of the year, this Sunday, Sept. 28 – which is nationally recognized as Good Neighbor Day – will be the official day to do so in Corvallis.  We invite you to join Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis in teaming up to celebrate this special event.

Good Neighbor Day activities are being planned to encourage community residents, students, and City and OSU staff to join together to greet other Corvallis residents – new and old alike – and share helpful information to encourage livability and good neighbor behavior. 

Join us Sept. 28 for the opportunity to lend a proverbial cup of sugar and get to know those in our community who live just a few doors away.

For more information about Good Neighbor Day, contact Jonathan Stoll, OSU Office of Corvallis Community Relations, 541-737-8606 or [email protected]



Sept. 23:          OSU residence hall student move-in
Sept. 28:          National Good Neighbor Day
Sept. 29:          Fall 2014 Classes begin at Oregon State