The Office of Student Life supports faculty and staff through serving as consulting agent to report students of concern, sending emergency notifications on behalf of students, and leading the Student Care Team to prioritize the safety of OSU community.

Students of Concern

Many students face difficult times during college; unexpected life events, personal crises, mental health struggles, and academic transition issues. We encourage all community members to recognize someone struggling and respond. Our office will connect you with a professional staff member to consult with for all students of concern. Learn more.

Emergency Notifications

When a student is unable to contact instructors about an absence because of hospitalization or incapacitation, the Office of Student Life may send an emergency notification by e-mail to instructors. Learn more about this process and how to support students when you are notified.

Student Care Team

As a result of growing safety issues and concerns on college campuses, Oregon State University developed the Student Care Team (SCT). The SCT is a collaborative interdisciplinary team of campus community members that meets weekly to discuss students exhibiting behaviors indicative of crisis and elevated concern. Learn more.