The Human Services Resource Center was first proposed by two students as the financial crisis began to hit Oregon in roughly 2008. Our first program, started in 2000, pre-dates the formal proposal and was a subsidy for a group of students required to purchase health insurance (this program was discontinued in 2016). As the campus-based food pantry and Mealbux took shape, administrators and student leaders began to formally adopt the vision of a one-stop office, with a suite of supportive resources for homeless and food-insecure students. Today, in addition to our food pantry and Food Assistance programs like Mealbux, we are most well-known on campus for our Textbook Lending Program and assistance for those in housing crisis. 

Our students are those who might be one or more of the following:

  • Pell-eligible 
  • First Generation
  • Former-Foster Youth
  • TRiO or EOP participants
  • Undocumented, DACA or under-resourced international students
  • Homeless, houseless or otherwise experiencing housing insecurity
  • Experiencing situational poverty
  • Prior recipients of the Free/Reduced Lunch program or other social safety net programs

*Program eligibility or participation restrictions vary- further information can be found throughout our website or by calling or coming to the center. 


Our Mission Statement: 

We humanize students marginalized by inequity, poverty, and oppression- and we center the voices of those we serve as we advocate for an inclusive campus and community where low-income students feel a sense of belonging and empowerment and have the basic needs to be academically successful.


Our Vision:

We believe that by leveraging the abundance of our community, particularly those involved with civic engagement, our partnerships, shared resources, and engaging student leaders, that we will create opportunities that lead to all students having the resources they need to be academically successful.