Located at:  1030 SW Madison Ave; Currently Signed as:  Avery House

Reservation Philosophy of Facility Spaces

We strongly encourage you to come view our spaces prior to making a reservation. Consider if your event can successfully overlap with events happening on the same level/location or if your event would be too challenging with another group nearby.

Space within the first and basement floors of Champinefu is primarily for students utilizing the HSRC, the HSRC Food Pantry (distribution on 3-4 nights of every month), and visitors to the Family Resource Center.  Our space primarily serves as a workplace to meet the needs of communities served by the HSRC and FRC programs. The other floors of Champinefu are utilized as office space for various OSU units and are not available to reserve.  While our facility is primarily intended to serve the programmatic purposes of the HSRC and FRC programs, we also value sharing this student-fee-funded resource with the wider campus community.

Please understand that while our spaces are available for reservation the spaces cannot be fully closed off and completely isolated during business hours (9 to 5:00 pm) or while students are utilizing the space. OSU employees from multiple units work in the building and many students rely on our facility to do laundry, shower or study. We will attempt to limit distractions and interruptions that you and your group may experience - but if you need a facility with limited access where only participants in your event will be present, our space may not be ideal for your event. Because our building is so essential to our community, we ask that you treat everyone in our building with respect, kindness and compassion. If you or your group experiences conflict or has concerns with someone unaffiliated with your event in the space, please promptly seek support from onsite FRC or HSRC staff.

Specific Spaces Available for Reservation:

Community Room (Main Level)

This room is split; half of this space features soft lounge style seating in front of our fireplace, the other half features tables and chairs set up similar to a dining room. There is soft-seating for 15 and rigid seating at the tables for 36 people. This space is not available for reservation during Fall Welcome Week or Week 1 of any academic term.

Kitchen (Main Level)

Because our kitchen is used for our food pantry food distribution and programming, we limit full use of the kitchen to those who reserve the space. To use our kitchen, two people who will attend the event must participate in a kitchen orientation to learn about safety measures and proper use of our industrial equipment. Your group will be expected to follow all procedures outlined on the kitchen checklist forms to clean the space and return it to its original condition. This space can accommodate a maximum of 10 people at one time and is almost entirely accessible for wheelchair users. This kitchen is not available for reservation during Fall Welcome Week or Week 1 of any academic term.  Please also note that this space is not licensed as a commercial kitchen so it may not be used to prepare food for sale or consumption by those outside your specific group. Our kitchen is not air conditioned.

Exterior Outdoor Patio Space (Main Level)

This patio does not currently have much furniture, though there is bench seating for 7-8 people. You may supplement this seating with other furniture that you coordinate the logistics and costs for. This space is accessible via wheelchair ramp but the surface is a bit old and uneven and may not be fully accessible to all. This space is not available for reservation during Fall welcome week or Week 1 of any academic term.  Please note that this outdoor space is not covered.

Outdoor Grass Space and/or Barbecue (Outside)

Located between Oxford House and Champinefu Lodge, this space is reservable via University Housing and Dining Services and the Grounds Use Process.  


Reservation Request Process
  1. Visit Champinefu Lodge to view our spaces and determine if it will fit your needs.

  2. Complete the reservation request form (linked here). Complete the form as thoroughly as possible. You can return to the form to edit after you submit.

  3. Your event will be confirmed via email as soon as possible.

  4. Your event is not confirmed until you have received confirmation and completed additional follow up as needed.

  5. Additional follow-up steps are required if reserving the kitchen space.

  6. If you have any questions during the process, call 737-9127 for assistance.

Determining Reservation Priorities

When considering hosting an event in Champinefu Lodge, please read all of our policies closely to make sure we are the right space for your event. Assuming that there is not an existing reservation during the time requested, we will evaluate reservation requests using the following criteria:

  • Champinefu Lodge is always available first to the students who we serve and for the HSRC Food Pantry activities and programs.

  • Is the group reserving the space student-fee funded? Student-fee funded groups receive priority.

  • Is the group an internal group of OSU? Departments, organizations and groups who serve populations that align with those served by the HSRC and FRC receive priority.

  • Will there be loud-volume activity during traditional work hours (8-5 Monday-Friday)?
    Events that have the potential to significantly disrupt our space as a work environment need additional consideration and consulting with those with whom we share our building. If your event will include loud and potentially disruptive noises during business hours, we encourage you to consider reserving the lounge on the basement level.

  • Will supporting your event require additional resources or staff time to support? We are committed to sharing our space and minimizing any reservation costs but there may be some fees for certain usage.  

  • Events that plan to include alcohol will likely be limited because of the location of the collegiate recovery community.

Special Considerations for the use of our Kitchen

Casual use of our kitchen by OSU staff or students can be accommodated at any time during business hours when the space is not otherwise reserved or being used by the HSRC or FRC program staff. Casual use includes preparing a snack or meal for one’s self or one’s family, storing food short-term in our unlocked, community refrigerator or using the sink to wash one’s dishes or hands.

Preparing Food

Even though our kitchen is not licensed as a commercial kitchen we want everyone to be safe when using our space and ask that one person from your event have a valid food handler’s card. We expect you to maintain safe-food-handling practices during the entirety of the time your group is using our kitchen. If needed we can provide staff (with a food handler’s card) to supervise and oversee your food preparation with costs at a per-hour charge for their time.

Kitchen Orientation

At least 3 business days prior to your event two people from your group need to complete a brief kitchen orientation. A staff member from the HSRC will show you where equipment is stored in the kitchen, explain how to use some of our industrial appliances and show you where our safety equipment is located. You can expect this to take less than 30 minutes. During this time, you should also make sure our facility has all the supplies and equipment you need.

Kitchen Equipment

Our kitchen has the basics - a sanitizer, a gas stove, a heavy-duty mixer, blenders, knives and other supplies. While we have many/most of the basics (and you will be able to use them during your event) it is possible that we will not have all the exact supplies you need for your event. Sometimes things go missing or break and we will have yet to replace them. Please double check our inventory of supplies when you complete your Kitchen Orientation. If we do not have all the supplies you need, we cannot promise to get what’s missing before your event - someone from your group will need to bring your needed equipment. We encourage you to tell us what we are missing so we can purchase it in the future. If something from the kitchen breaks during your event, please tell us so we can replace it and avoid inconveniencing a future group. Please know that if something in our kitchen breaks, especially the industrial equipment, there will be a charge for damage that is not the result of normal wear and tear. Please make sure you understand how to operate our equipment during your Kitchen Orientation and consult our kitchen information binder for further help.

Refrigeration and Freezing

Because the HSRC uses the kitchen for regular food pantry distributions to  members of our community, our walk-in cooler and commercial freezers are kept locked. If you need freezer or refrigeration space, you can work with our staff to arrange this ahead of time. One refrigerator is kept unlocked and can accommodate a small volume of food needing refrigeration.

After your event is over

Cleaning expectations for our kitchen space are the same as the expectations for other spaces that are reserved - leave the space as clean as you found it. If you leave behind any cooking or serving supplies we cannot promise that we will hold them for you or be able to return them to you but we will attempt to keep them set aside for at least 5 business days. If you do not return to pick-up your left-behind items we will add them to our kitchen for others to use or donate them to assist those with need in our community.

If you have left-over food that you would like to leave behind for the individuals who access our services to eat you may do so. Practice safe food handling and food storage practices: label and date the food, and clearly notate that anyone can help themselves. If it’s an abundance of leftover food, please email or call us the next day so we can get the word out about the leftovers and avoid food waste. Further details about labeling food can be found in our kitchen information binder.

After-Hours Events

If your event will begin or end outside of our normal operation hours, an HSRC staff member will be onsite and we will need to charge your group to recoup this staffing cost. This staff person ensure the safety and security of the building both during and after the event and be on hand to assist with equipment or building needs.

Steps to close the building after your event ends:
  1. Lock the front door and close any doors you propped open (HSRC staff will assist).

  2. Clean the space and return to original condition.

  3. Reposition any furniture your group moved.

  4. Remove trash, recycle and compost as necessary, using the garbage bins in the parking lot to remove excessive trash.

  5. Turn off all appliances or equipment.

  6. Check that all doors are locked and none are propped. HSRC staff will do this.

  7. Turn off the lights.

  8. Make sure the door shuts behind you (HSRC staff will assist)

Associated Costs or Fees

The costs for using Champinefu are still being finalized. Please check in with staff as needed.

Cancellation Policy

Reservation of our space is in high demand. Please let us know if your plans have changed and you are no longer needing your reservation with at least 7 business days notice.

Expectations and Conditions

General Usage

All students and staff are expected to uphold the expectations of University policies including the student code of conduct for students and any applicable policies for employees. The reserving party/responsible unit is expected to make appropriate use of the space and assumes financial responsibility for any damage or loss caused by any participants and guests of your event regardless of their affiliation with the university.

If you need existing facility furniture moved or relocated, you must consult with and receive guidance, approval and assistance from HSRC and/or FRC staff prior to any movement or relocation.

Your event must match what you described on your reservation form. You cannot access the space prior to (or after) the times you indicated on your reservation request form.

Your group must clean all trash and dispose of recycling and compost in the appropriate containers provided in the building and in the nearby parking lot. Any mess that remains may result in a cleaning charge.

Smoking is prohibited in Champinefu Lodge, on our patio space and the grounds that surround Champinefu. All of OSU Corvallis campus is designated smoke free.

Provided Equipment

We can only provide what is already on site in the space you have reserved. If you have additional furniture, equipment or set-up needs you will need to consult with HSRC and FRC staff to make sure the equipment is appropriate for the space, to coordinate delivery and/or assess safety concerns.

We have a large In-Focus electronic screen. You can use this to project from a laptop and can access the internet (when the ethernet is connected to a wall ethernet port). If you wish to use this for your event, please indicate this on your reservation so we do not allow another group to reserve it. We cannot provide a laptop; your group must supply your own.

Food and Beverage Policy

In the event that food will be provided during an event, your group is expected to disclose their intent to provide food when submitting the reservation request form. When providing food at an event, you will also need to remove all packaging, food and beverage residue and related trash at the end of your event. You will be expected to maintain safe food handling procedures.


One of our neighboring buildings is a collegiate recovery community. Out of respect for these students and our community members very few, if any, events with alcohol will be permitted. Please indicate your desire to serve alcohol at your event when submitting your reservation request and our staff will dialogue with you about this further.

If you are approved to serve alcoholic beverages at your event, you must follow all Oregon State University policies, and must be registered and pre-approved by Oregon State University’s Office of Risk Management. All requirements, as created and enforced by OSU Office of Risk Management will be enforced.  Alcoholic beverages must be limited to beer and wine only.

Maintenance and Other Needs:

Report any maintenance or repair needs to AverySpaceReservations@oregonstate.edu as soon as possible.



OSU Public Safety phone: (541) 737-3010

Oregon State Police phone:  please call 911